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  1. RAF_Patto

    What colour is your ST seat?

    Interested to see how many season ticket holders end up with a red seat. I've not got to mine yet, but will update on Friday when I finally see it! I'm predicting yellow!
  2. RAF_Patto

    Kew Cricket Club - Opening Times

    Just been emailing Shane at Kew Cricket Club (CC), he is their bar manager. He's provided me with some good information for pre match whistle whetting! Opening Times Mon - Fri - 4pm Sat - Noon Sun - Noon These times will run in line with our fixtures once the cricket season has finished at...
  3. RAF_Patto

    Taking Bags into New Stadium

    Does anyone know what the rules are for taking in bags? I'll be traveling from Lincoln and staying over at a mates, so likely to have a rucksack with a change of clothes in it. Will that be allowed?
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