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    Celebrating promotion

    Looks good, but you need to go back and have “Fulham Down” underneath.
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    Mads Bech Sørensen (Long Term Injury)

    Rob Dickie - QPR, their fans would go into meltdown.
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    West End Bee, you mean there’s two of us living in West End (Woking) ?
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    Sandhurst, Bracknell and Camberley Area Bees

    Currently live in West End 1.5 miles from J3 of the M3, moving to Sherfield-on-Loddon, Hook next month, not sure if there’s any fellow Bees out that way.
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    Have the best ever day everyone…

    I’ve woken up this morning and had to pinch myself, it feels like it’s been a dream and only this morning I’m realising it’s actually real, the team I’ve been supporting for 40 years this year are really in the Premier League. All I can ask is that every Brentford fan inside the stadium plays...
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    Crowd v Arsenal (Att:16,479)

    Good work, very local support, make sure you make yourself heard tomorrow.
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    Getting our season tickets before the Liverpool game

    Got my last two this morning.
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    Summer 2021 Transfer Window (Non Brentford)

    Newcastle have a bid of £25m excepted by Arsenal for Joe Willock.
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    Robbie Cooke - Brentford FC - RIP

    Very sad news, thanks for the memories including the goal at Wembley, remember it like it was yesterday, I was 15 at the time. RIP.
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    Getting our season tickets before the Liverpool game

    Received my season ticket this morning along with one of my sons, still waiting for my other sons and daughters.
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    Wiki *** 2021/22 Season Tickets and Memberships ***

    I received mine this morning along with one of my sons, still waiting for my other sons and daughters, I guess they will come early next week. Pack included a pin badge too.
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    Parking ST for BCS - Lionel Primary School

    Did it not ask for your car reg number, when I used them for the Derby and Bournemouth game I’m sure they took my car reg when I booked online.
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    Last minute Man Utd tickets?

    They’ve sold approximately 30,000 so definitely not sold out.
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    Wiki Ticketing System Issues

    I’m asking for a friend - can you use the QR code on your phone to get in or do you need to print off a ticket?
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    Last minute Man Utd tickets?

    It’s worth just giving the Man United ticket office a call in the morning and see if they’re willing to sell over the phone.
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    My Dad.

    Sorry to hear the sad news, best wishes to you and your family.
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    The Club Shop

    They allow you to try them on - on top of another t-shirt.
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    The Club Shop

    I can confirm that the junior goal keepers shorts have the club badge on them.
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    The Club Shop

    I was in the club shop on Sunday and they said they no longer do any taps or loyalty points. I must add even though they were really busy on Sunday as others have said the staff were very helpful and friendly, they’re a credit to the club.
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    The Club Shop

    I’ve just tried calling the club to find out if the club shop is open today and that they can do printing while he waits, When you press the option for the club shop it just cuts you off and the same happens when I select the option to be put through to reception. I’ve been a supporter for 40...
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