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    Asking Bournemouth for more tickets

    Can we? They should be safe after Saturday, surely it is worth the club putting in a desperate plea on Monday morning?
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    Home End Bournemouth tickets

    Anyone know if the home allocation has sold out? And if not whether it is possible to get tickets without being on their database? I'm guessing not :(
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    Colchester ticket wanted

    If anyone has a spare colchester ticket could they please PM me cheers
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    Points needed

    If my calculations are correct, due to B'mouth playing Hartlepool, we need a maximum of only 8 points from our remaining 5 games :bound: :bound: :bound:
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    Each goal raises money for BU?

    How about this for an idea starting from next season? Everyone chooses a player for the coming season and pays BU £5 after every goal that particular player scores... For those with less to spare, there are the options of Somner, Dobbo, J Smith etc and for those with a bit more Peters, Kev etc...
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    What you hoping for from other teams?

    With little left to play for after the QPha game, what are you hoping for from other teams for the rest of the season? For me: Fulham down Reading stay down :yes: Ipswich up QPha stay down Torquay up Exeter stay up
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    Is there any way for me to get another ticket?

    I've already got mine, but a mate yesterday said he wanted to come. I've got a Cheltenham stub but can't make it down from Reading to Brentford today to get tickets. Is there anyone picking up tickets this morning who could help me out?
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    Over-rated players

    Someone in another thread said Becks was the most over-rated player in English football, obviously I don't agree with that, but who is? For me... Kanu Ashley Cole Every Fulham player with the exception of Malbranque and Finnan
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    Pal on trial,,10421~365386,00.html Sounds promising for next season
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    Season stats We've scored first on 14 occasions: 12 wins 1 draw 1 defeat The opposition has scored first on 15 occasions: 0 wins 3 draws 12 defeats :eek: What is going on there? Is it because we have such a young team? Cos from that it appears...
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    Other triallists

    Chris Lock is a defender who was released from Fulham's Academy last month. 19 years old, seems to have been permanently on the bench even at YT level. Surely we have no need for another defender? Can't find anything on that Quinstin guy I take it we are looking to sign these players, whereas...
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    Spare QPR ticket

    Spare ticket for saturday up for grabs... Block Y2, Row D PM me if interested
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    Ideas for saturday

    Couldn't find the previous thread on this... Has anyone managed to get hold of any inflatable Vauxhall Vivas or maybe just some 'Raising the standard' flags? An opportunity not to be missed IMHO
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    Bfc 90

    I am selling the number plate BFC 90, which was a generous gift from a fan, on behalf of Bees United. It is listed here: Personally I think it would be amazing to have this on my car :) If you do have the money please be...
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    Notts County updates

    Great start :(
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    Please stay Ibrahima!

    Why don't we all let Ibrahima know how much we love him being here and how much we want him to stay... Maybe it could be printed out and given to him? You never know, he might change his mind.... Thanks Ibrahima for all the effort you've put in for us this season, please stay for the season...
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    Lack of advertising at GP

    Why are there so many empty advertising boards at GP, especially on Braemar rd? Surely there are further opportunities for advertising within GP that are not being exploited? What about something on the pitch that allows rain and sun through, but can be seen from the air? Surely that would...
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    Volunteering for Bees Utd

    After last night it became obvious how badly Bees Utd needs us to give our time to save our club. Thought I would start a thread so that when Bees Utd do need help they have a list of names that can be contacted... I'll get the ball rolling, I've got a fair bit of free time at the moment...
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    Chat room

    Didn't really want this hidden away in here, but if I put it anywhere else it will only get moved... What do you all think of the chat room then? Clearly some changes need to be made - beesbeesbarmyarmy logging on as himself and 3 markbfc's :) - but it would be a v good addition to the board...
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    Most valuable player?

    Of the players we have left, who do you think is worth the most? I reckon Rowly, but soon it could be Smithy
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