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  1. South Acton Bee

    Premier League Tickets

    Hi all looking to get tickets for a Manchester United game this season for the other half birthday gift. She a Bees fan but always want to see a game at Old Trafford. Any ideas people
  2. South Acton Bee

    Non English line up.

    Just looking at our starting line up from Burton game. I was thinking if this was the most non English bees line up ever 7 i believe Bentley - England Colin - France Dean - England Barbet - France Field - England KK - Austria Sawyers - St Kitts Woods - England Canos - Spain JOTA - Spain...
  3. South Acton Bee

    Team versus Brighton (away)

    Here my side without new blood. Bentley Egan Bjellend Dean Colin Eder Nico woods Mcloud kk Hogan
  4. South Acton Bee

    Ipswich Town (A) - April 9th

    Heard from a source on the railways that not on line yet that there could be works this weekend of the game. Between Newbury park and Chelmsford ! The evil rail replacement buses could be on show !
  5. South Acton Bee

    Reading away tickets

    Just seen mads post on Fb 1 ticket person season ticket from Saturday on line ?? Not good news
  6. South Acton Bee

    How many years as a Bee?

    13 years for me a young pup:wave:
  7. South Acton Bee

    Mark Stimson

    Has Left Grays ????:eek: haven't they just had there best ever season and won the Fa Trophy 2 years in a row. New Bees manager maybe :fishing:
  8. South Acton Bee

    Spare train ticket for Stockport

    Hi to all I got a spare train ticket to Stockport (as someone pulled out at the last minute bastards) anyway if anyone needs or wants this ticket priced at £25. leaving euston at 8.53 returning 17.50 !!! if anyone interested please PM asap :wave:
  9. South Acton Bee

    Bradford champagne moment

    Sodje dancing after scoring and Martin Allen justing giving the ref and his lineo's the evil eyes at the end of the match:wave: special word for the two Bradford players trying to knock each others heads off in the first half:eek: rofl
  10. South Acton Bee

    Martin Allen on sky (aldershot vs crawley)

    MA on sky with his bees tie :sorted:
  11. South Acton Bee

    Cardiff (yes i know we not there yet)

    But is it me or does there look like there NO :eek: trains to and from Cardiff on Sunday 29th May !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :sad:
  12. South Acton Bee

    Wrexham by coach only £5

    for the first 300 sub by the lifeline again :wave:
  13. South Acton Bee

    England vs Azerbaijan

    0-0 still not looking great sven :eek: Come England
  14. South Acton Bee

    England vs the Dutch (merged)

    England vs the Dutch :eek: :zzzzz: :zzzzz: what a load of crap andy johnson right midfield :scratch: anything good to say about it help ?
  15. South Acton Bee

    March Fixtures

    col utd away donny away oldham away chesterfield home blackpool away wrexham away posh home with 5 aways games and **** poor away form this could be make or break for the playoffs with none of them top 6 anything could happen
  16. South Acton Bee

    tranmere vs bristol city on sky

    mike newell on sky in the studio what a tit , luton are great should be top blah blah w a n k e r wish they asked who they got in the 4th round cup draw rofl
  17. South Acton Bee

    Wednesday vs Hull City

    half time Wednesday 1 Hull City 3 two from nicky barmby :eek: a crowd of around 30,000 so i heard and hull fans still trying to get in at half time :eek: hope we can follow do much the same on saturday :sorted:
  18. South Acton Bee

    Huddersfield Town

    i know it maybe abit early but all i can fine at the minute is £28 to leeds return then local train to huddersfield for a few quid.
  19. South Acton Bee

    Pompey vs Foolham

    scum 3-0 down after 27minutes rofl i feel abit better now
  20. South Acton Bee

    Foolham vs Middlesbrough

    I was thinking of going due to the fax i bored but looking at the prices for a C game as Foolham put it the cheapest £26-£38 they play arsenal saturday and the cheapest is £38-£50 ! :eek: :eek: i think the pub and newcastle vs norwich maybe a better idea!
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