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  1. Jakalo

    Wanted: striped blue away shirts

    Hello I'm looking for dark and light blue striped away shirts, the kit which had the Bathwise logo on. If you are looking to get rid of yours or willing to sell, please let me know. Sizes M and L preferable.
  2. Jakalo

    Hereford Away

    As I'd rather be in bed than in Hereford or Newport that night with no trains running back, could someone please tell me how I can reserve seats on the coach? I tried calling a number on the BIAS site but there was no answer during lunchtime. Thanks! :cool:
  3. Jakalo

    Ipod Touch (4th Gen) 8GB

    I have a 4th Generation iPod Touch with 8GB memory to sell. Comes boxed in a very good working condition with USB cable and additional leather pouch. There are scratches to the back. £100. PM for details.
  4. Jakalo

    Charlie Ide

    Signed for Grays. :wave:
  5. Jakalo

    Team vs. Macclesfield

    Well it seems our season is over so there should be no pressure to get the results, but pressure to perform for their places instead. - Poole, although I like him, may need to be dropped so he picks his socks up. - Elder's goal ratio would increase if more crosses (Dickson) were whipped in. -...
  6. Jakalo

    Half way there

    We're below half way with under half a season gone. We've got players who are playing at half their potential. We've got half a team of good players. We've got a manager who has half a clue. We've won half the games we could've. We're only turning up for the second half of most. Only half...
  7. Jakalo

    Anyone need a train ticket to Tranmere?

    One going spare.. Return to Liverpool Lime Street on the 9.05 for just £10. YOUNG PERSONS RAILCARD required though. PM me.
  8. Jakalo

    Sponsoring Football Team

    In two weeks time I'm starting the season's coaching for Brentford High. I've been asked if there are any clubs or personnel willing to sponsor us, or provide a free kit. They are very enthusiastic and have a lot of talent. Perhaps this thread should be in "Classifieds", but would anyone here...
  9. Jakalo

    KLM Shirt

    I couldn't find anything about the KLM shirt in the forum so thought I'd ask. The shop were supposed to release this old classic for this season but I haven't seen anyone wearing it, so i doubt it is out yet, despite being told by the start of the season by the shop manager. Anyone know if it...
  10. Jakalo

    James Simmonds on loan (rumour)

    Talking to a friend of James Simmonds' today, Chelsea have had offers from Brentford and Ipswich Town for a loan deal. That's all I know.
  11. Jakalo

    Georges Santos,,10421~874598,00.html
  12. Jakalo

    Who would YOU keep for next season?

    1 - Stuart Nelson 2 - Kevin O'Connor 3 - Andrew Frampton 4 - Sam Sodje 5 - Michael Turner 6 - Darren Pratley 7 - Paul Brooker 8 - Olafur Ingi Skulason 9 - Lloyd Owusu 10 11 - Jay Tabb 12 - John Mousinho 13 - Clark Masters 14 - Charlie Ide 15 - Karleigh Osborne 16 - Darius Charles 17 - Alex...
  13. Jakalo

    Ben Hudell

    On request of my auntie, my cousin should be signed by Brentford Football Club. Currently at Yeading, who have spelt his name wrong, he is excelling on the left wing scoring goals and providing assists. Unfortunately Yeading have nothing to play for at present and thus all players are being...
  14. Jakalo

    Vote For Brentford's Players In...

    The Gazette player of the year competition. Sodje won it last year, and Tabb the year before that. Vote by sending an email tp or by phoning 0901 229 0750 You can vote for anybody but the Gazette's Brentford nominees are: Andy Frampton (01) Ricky Newman :eek: (02)...
  15. Jakalo

    Bradford City previews, team ideas, PMA, etc (merged)

    Team for Bradford City? Lets not look in the past (all of 30 mins ago) but instead to the next match Nelson Tillen Sodje Turner Frampton Brooker Newman Tabb if fit / Pratley - seemed a bit revived (?) Rhodes - after two games out he should be fresh to test the slow Bradford defence Owusu...
  16. Jakalo

    Team for Milton Keynes?

    Im in a disappointed mood right now so my selection might well change Considering you need to be commited to the cause to beat a bottom of the table team I would play: --------------Nelson-------------------- Tillen -----Sodje(?)---Turner---Frampton Peters-----Tabb---Hutch/Lewis---Rankin...
  17. Jakalo

    Eric Obinna

    I believe he is available on a free from Reading. He is a reasonably young striker who has had a lot of experience (inc Kaiserslautern) and if it wasnt for the signings of Hunt and Doyle, this guy would be a regular for Reading. I know DJ and Owusu are doing pretty well, but if someone takes...
  18. Jakalo

    who's looking forward to southend at home

    :box: this shall be time for revenge. the way we outsang their 8,000+ it should be no problem again against the scum taking the pish out of essex gals and chavend priks shall never be such fUN as it will be after that game
  19. Jakalo

    who are the top 5 players with most potential

    1 Charlie Ide 2 DJ Campbell 3 Jay Tabb 4 Michael Turner 5 Darren Pratley :cool:
  20. Jakalo


    He has failed to impress so far at SPURS, and his excuse has been: I need first team football and I need to settle in London.... ie a loan possibility and Tottenham have already indicated hesitation over loaning to somebody in the same division as themselves. They might be prepared to pay...
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