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    Romain Grosjean

    Is he not the luckiest person to be alive still? How he managed to survive that crash at over 140mph and extract himself from the wreckage is unbelievable. That image of him emerging from the flames and jumping over the barrier 30 seconds after the crash is unforgettable.
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    Lyle Taylor

    Charlton fans I know think we are still after Taylor in January. Can’t see it myself but who knows.
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    Ticket Exchange Not Working?

    No ticket exchange system up yet it seems?
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    Leyton Orient - Sold to Francesco Becchetti

    Sold to the Italian Francesco Becchetti, no surprise but I wonder what his motivation is...hard to see where the profit may lie. I guess after selling Moses to us and coming to an agreement with the Pl over the Olympic Stadium it was a good time for Hearn to offload...
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    Don Valley Stadium

    Shocked to see that it is to close and probably be pulled down as part of Sheffield City Councils' spending cuts. Running costs of £700k a year are a lot but surely there is a way to keep such a very good resource for athletics open, it was only bult in 1991.
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    Tony Roberts

    Finally hangs up his gloves after 25 years and over 500 games for Daggers to take up a full time coaching role with Arsenal. A real character I always thought. They don't make them like that anymore.
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    Eastbourne Goal against Fleetwood

    Just seen this amazing 65 free kick by Mat Smart which catches the goal keeper off his line and gives them a 1-0 win. Juts love the way he spots the opportunity and runs back. Puts Beckham's goal against Palace in the shade. If Rooney had scored it, it would have been called world class...
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    Central defender crisis?

    Having recently been one of our strongest positions suddenly we are looking a bit of crisis for Saturday in the middle at the back, possibly no Legge or Phillips due to injury and no Bennett for sure. That leaves Karleigh and...??? Will AS dive into the loan market?
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    How good is our youth set up?

    I pose the question more than anything else. We seem to have an excellent community set up but just how good is our youth team setup, coaching and scouting. I have always assumed it was pretty decent but is the evidence there? More than ever before in our current predicament we could do with a...
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    The ref v Blackpool

    ..was truly sh*te I thought, over zealous, missed a lot, pranced about like we paid to see him and how on earth did he get 6 minutes of added time at the end. Could have ruined the game for us.
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    Not a lot written about this young lad amongst all the glory from yesterday but I thought, in the circumstances, it was an amazing performance. A 19 year old rookie with three games to date and thrown into an unfamiliar position in one of our biggest games for 50 years, and up against clearly...
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    Today's referee

    Credit where credit's due I thought he was very good ( for a change). Kept up with the game, used his assistants well, got the big decisions right and most of all used common sense in keeping the game flowing and not getting his book out.
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    When Rhodes' scored.......

    .......was that not one of the truly great GP moments in time? Our whole season seemed to come together in one glorious moment of ecstacy....... safety, a win, the sheer relief of achieving the great escape and a magical piece of football to boot and of course the sight of 8500 bees fans...
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    Graham Barber

    Another gem of a performance tonight at White Hart Lane by the possibly the worst referee to visit GP this season (and he's had some competition for that title......). How long before the FA realise the likes of Barber are ruining football?
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    Arsenal to Quit Premiership?........

    Or so threatens Wenger on the BBC website as they will join the rest of the G18 clubs in a new european super league. Could just be a bit of bluff in the club v country row which so consumes the anger of G18 clubs, but who knows maybe the day is drawing nearer. I preume this would end...
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    Nationwide Nightmare - Bee very afraid

    A full, page article in today's guardian about the possible dramatic effect of the ITV Sports channel featuring none other than BFC ... quotes from Ron ( having his usual pop at the fans) , Hargreaves and Anne in the club shop. Nothing we don't already know perhaps but it makes depressing...
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