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    Barry Proudfoot - RIP

    Barry Proudfoot The Bees family has lost another loyal member. I first met Steve and his family about ten years ago whilst staying in our caravan in Ferring, West Sussex. My son of 5 years old was cycling round the park with his Bees shirt on and Steve who also had a caravan spotted this and...
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    Britannia buiding society

    When we are looking for a sponsor for Lionel Rd, it might be worth considering a building society. Stoke City have a very good arrangement that has netted them £4.8 million. Now I know we couldn’t raise 14,000 fans, but if we had 1/7th of that amount, that is still quite a tidy sum. Is it...
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    Season Ticket Offer

    With just under half of the season to still play, is it possible for the club to show some vision and come up with an attractive offer for a season ticket deal for the rest of the season. Under the current wave of optimism under Andy Scott, the take up might provide some vital funds for the...
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    MSN Fantasy Football

    I've joined the MSN Fantasy World Cup game at and I bet that my team, Ruislip Red, will beat any team you can put together! I challenge you to join my mini league. Go to the game ( at and go to 'Register to Play' ), pick your team then...
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    Off with the shoe!

    Was thinking about some odd goal celebrations from Brentford fans over the years, when my memory served up this one. Standing in the New Rd when Brentford scored and a group of 3 or 4 chaps in front proceeded to remove a single shoe and whilst hopping on the other leg, waved the shoe in the...
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    Any Historians out there?

    I recently had the pleasure of a two-week stay in one of the NHS finest hospitals. During my stay, I was moved to a ward where lying in the bed next to me was an elderly gentleman by the name of Lawrence (Larry) Palmer. After a brief chat and my first mention of following The Bees, he told me...
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    Site colours

    In the past I have some how managed to make the red bits on the site a rather nice blue colour. I have a new PC and they have gone back to red. How do you switch back?
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    Martin's PR Skills

    Just looking on the Offical site at the visit to the training ground of the Frimley Green girls team. If only the board could learn from the way he obviously knows how to communicate and deal with people, we would go some way to resolving the many problems that currently exist. For the whole...
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    Silver Metal Bunk Bed for sale

    For Sale Silver Metal Bunk Bed with mattress and fixed ladder. Beechwood effect desk and shelves underneath with chair. Buyer to collect. Take £50.00, worth £200 new. :owusu:
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    Live 8 Gig

    An idea for maybe raising a few quid. If we all enter the Live 8 competition and obtain as many tickets as possible, those tickets could then be auctioned (Ebay) or raffled. Entrants must send the answer to a multiple choice question to 84599 before midnight on Sunday. The question is: Which...
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    Do we need to change our style of play?

    The majority of fans were very pleased with the season and quite rightly so. We went from relegation candidates to a place in the play-off’s. However, our style of play was very direct and one could argue that we have become the new Wimbledon with a ‘crazy gang’ spirit amongst Martin and the...
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    Ron and Altonwood in The Standard today

    Can't confess to knowing everything about Ron and Altonwood like some on here, but when looking at The Standard today, there is a big article in there about the court case with Simon Jordan and Selhurst Park. Without going into too much detail, Ron has been left with hefty legal costs :nono...
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    Time for some honest answers.

    Q. If we go up through the play off’s this year, how many of the current squad will not be good enough to play in the championship? A. Our obvious weakness is scoring goals and I believe we would struggle even more against the better defences. However, I have every faith in Martin to find...
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    Travel by Car

    Can someone tell me the best way to get to the ground and where to park. With all this talk of Old Bill at the station turning away fans without valid tickets, I am driving down, but haven't a clue where to go. Will they have road blocks around Hampshire? Seriously, any advice would be good...
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