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  1. vcmazz

    Injury Updates

    Rather than navigate individual threads to try and find news on injured players, I hope it's OK to have one update thread for any info people may have on how players are getting on with their injuries? Hopefully it will be a very quiet thread in the future, but with Josh, Kristoffer, Shandon and...
  2. vcmazz

    RIP Miriam Waterman

    Awful news to wake up to today, the loss of Miriam Waterman. May she rest in peace and our thoughts be with Greville and his family. ❤ ❤ ❤
  3. vcmazz

    Old Football V New Football

    Things that are better now, things that were better then and things that changed without us noticing for no apparent reason. Better: Coverage. Old TV coverage of the Bees was very scarce. Media darlings now. Worse: European commentaries. For a European Cup night to truly excite, a commentary...
  4. vcmazz

    League Cup

    What a farce of a competition this has become. How can Liverpool have two games in (supposedly) two senior tournaments in different parts of the world in the same 22 hours? How can people take it seriously when Liverpool send some children to Aston Villa to get stuffed 5-0? Time to put an end to...
  5. vcmazz

    Shoreham V Bees Predictions...

    Who's going tonight? I hope we don't make too many changes because I really fancy us for a good run in this cup. :sorted:
  6. vcmazz

    Best Brentford Football Team Ever But.....

    There can be little doubt that over the last year or so we have witnessed the best Brentford football ever. No disrespect to the top 5 in the country side of the 30s, but football is very different now. Our current squad would beat them 75-0 (when they were at their peak, fit, and alive...
  7. vcmazz

    Your Local Team

    For those that don't live in Brentford ... how did your local team do this season? My team have the longest name registered with the FA (East Cowes Victoria Athletic Association Football Club). They also play in the same kit as the mighty Bees. But those are our only bragging rights this season...
  8. vcmazz

    Who's Badge Are We Using?

    Well the press are at it again. It took me eight months to notice but, in the Four Four Two Magazine Season Preview suppliment, to the left of the team's names is the team badge. All seems well for everyone - except us of course. Which got me wondering, what in the name of all that's holy is...
  9. vcmazz

    Photo Restoration

    Another string to Mazz's bow. Any old piccy you have that needs a little TLC, Mazz will give it his all at a very reasonable rate. PM me for more info. Discount if you are a GPGer - don't forget to mention this in your PM. Here's one I did earlier for a chap in Brading, of his great...
  10. vcmazz

    Mathematicial Footy Question

    Being trying to get my head round this all day but I reckon it will take a mathematical genius to come up with the answer. Or that I'm a bit of a thicky, one or the other. The question is this. Before the season starts, what is the maximum amount of points a team can achieve, yet still be...
  11. vcmazz

    Isle of Wight: All of it

    The place for all Bees exiled on the Isle of Wight to say hello, possibly meet up at a pub, garden centre or whatever and maybe even arrange travel to Bees games (if the Island Saints let us have enough ferry tickets). :sorted:
  12. vcmazz

    A Question Re - Women's Football

    Now. I was out and about last night and there was a women's football match on the telly. I was quite surprised! Back in the 70's/early 80's when I was at my footballing peak and very nearly made it (but Dodgin didn't reply to my letters), girls joining in with football was seen as nothing more...
  13. vcmazz

    Mini Benham Needed By Tuesday

    It's frustrating, because I think we're talking £30-£40,000 needed. Peanuts in football terms. But unless anyone has a boss with a few bob (or is a boss with a few bob) that fancies owning a Speedway Club (by Tuesday), it looks like the end for the Islanders...
  14. vcmazz

    Big Screen Pretty Please?

    A big hello to the powers that be at new Brentford :wave:. Would it be possible to please have Griffin Park open with a big screen showing the Chelsea replay? It would seem likely that when ticket sales are announced, it will be on a 'one per member' basis. I'm sure there are many Bees who...
  15. vcmazz

    Stamford Bridge Tickets: Sunday 17th February ko 12 Noon.

    What's occuring then? :pop:
  16. vcmazz

    New Ground Phenomena

    New ground and better facilities = progression and success right? Well not always. So why is it that some clubs' status improves beyond all recognition when they build a new stadium while others seem to make no progress at all, or even take steps backwards in some cases? And what...
  17. vcmazz

    Chelsea - Anyone Fancy Our Chances?

    A bit early perhaps, but what are your thoughts? Is it just a fun day out or do we stand a chance? A draw would be absolutely fantastic - lots more bucks at Stamford Bridge but this isn't Sunderland or Everton is it? My guess is that we'll concede a couple early on to put a bit of a dampener on...
  18. vcmazz


    Well, it looks like the family Mazz may well be on the move soon. Does anyone have any contacts in the removals trade who might be willing to do a deal to help save Mazz a bob or two? I have a brown envolope within which to stuff cash if this helps? We're not talking a man with a van here mind...
  19. vcmazz

    JPT - Crap Or Get Off The Pot?

    I've always been a big fan of the Freight Rover/Leyland Daf/Sherpa Van/JPT - call it what you will, ever since one of my favourite days out in 1985. But I've always found it a source of extreme frustration and irritation that so many people think it is a competition we should only really bother...
  20. vcmazz

    Great Expectations

    The theory that we currently have the best set of players we've ever had, who really should be a shoe in for promotion and that it's all Uwe's fault that they don't look like doing so, seems to be gaining momentum. But .... really? Nothing could be further from the truth to my mind. I think...
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