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    Tickets Burnley (A) Very Limited Number Available from Box Office

    I've been there for a midweek game and we had around 80 iirc. Also seem to remember we were stood on a side terrace. Can't remember when exactly - probably mid-late 80s (???) or even what the score was :D
  2. 8corner

    Travel Burnley (A) Train Travel

    Many thanks DaddyBee I now have this sorted. Thanks also to DougieB who also offered. COYB!!
  3. 8corner

    Managerial Moves 2021/22

    A certain Russell Slade is, I believe, available. I can imagine the interview. "We haven't won a trophy for some time Mr. Slade and we want to put that right. Have you won any trophies in your managerial career?" "Ah, um, er, no, not exactly, but I do know how to celebrate when we win the Cup"
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    Brentford FC Programmes 2021/22 (subscriptions)

    Chelsea programme arrived today. I asked ACA earlier this season why my programmes always arrived after the game. They said the programmes for sale at the ground are printed and get sent to BFC as late as possible. Subscription programmes then go out on the day of the game or after. (Since my...
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    How to Reward "Loyalty"/Improve on TAPs

    Great support hillrunner but as I have posted elsewhere I don't believe more TAPs should be awarded because you live further away from Brentford. Those people will have either a) chosen to move away from the area to have a better lifestyle, enjoy better housing, schooling, etc. etc. and do so...
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    Purchasing next years season ticket?

    We will definitely be in the Premier League and may also be in the Europa League. HTH.
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    Stadium Ban for England Fans After Euro Final Chaos

    Agree with that Lingfield. The amount of recent development around Wembley Stadium is incredible but makes logistics around setting cordons etc. more difficult - but not impossible. "Security" arrangements could and should have been tighter and, for example, key points around the stadium cannot...
  8. 8corner

    Stadium Ban for England Fans After Euro Final Chaos

    As someone who was there Lingfield, I'd honestly say the issue wasn't with the "fans" it was anti-social scum who on a normal sunny Sunday would be in small groups in their local park or town centre and being a minor nuisance. But on this Sunday they gathered together in and around Wembley Way...
  9. 8corner

    Stadium Ban for England Fans After Euro Final Chaos

    On the face of it the punishment is less than severe but the real punishment is the likely missing out on hosting the 2030 World Cup and/or other major tournaments. Sadly, it's the decent fans (again) who are punished. The FA get away quite lightly and the mindless morons who caused all the...
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    Wiki Bees Premier League TV Coverage. All You Need to Know

    The complete disregard that the PL and the TV companies have for the fans is disgraceful -and shame on them. Yes, the TV companies pay huge amounts for the privilege but there should be some ground rules - particularly around December and the festive period. I'm sure that many of the switched...
  11. 8corner

    Wiki Bees Premier League TV Coverage. All You Need to Know

    Massive club. The sort of TV coverage Man U fans dream of
  12. 8corner

    Travel Burnley (A) Train Travel

    If anyone knows of a spare junior ticket for this one please PM me. Thank you.
  13. 8corner

    FA Cup 2021/22 (R1 Sat Nov 6th)

    How many clubs do you support out of interest? :LOL:
  14. 8corner

    Things other teams' fans say about Brentford FC

    Given how much their squad cost (and continues to cost in wages) I'm not going to waste any time sympathising because they have two players out, or letting that fact detract in any way from another fabulous PL performance from our boys
  15. 8corner

    Wiki Bees Premier League TV Coverage. All You Need to Know

    If they say they'll announce December fixtures on October 11th then there's no reason why they shouldn't deliver to that date. I've heard it's complex, but it's not really, is it. Sending man to the moon and back, landing a probe on Mars, carrying out brain surgery, etc. - that is all complex...
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    Thomas Frank

    If his cars are anything to go by....
  17. 8corner

    Thomas Frank

    From the breadman to a Danish Bloomer!
  18. 8corner

    Bees currently second best team in London

    It's not in our make up to sit back and rest on our laurels. Under this regime we never have and never will simply say "that'll do". The culture and drive to continuously improve is what gave me confidence at the start that we would not be going down and that within the next few seasons we'll be...
  19. 8corner

    Referee for Chelsea

    I thought it was Heads - but I've called it wrong before.
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