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    Boat to West Ham - Volunteers needed to reduce load on boat

    I'm really sorry people but due to a bit of a cock-up - and going at low tide - we need to reduce the number of people on the boat. We need volunteers (40 in total) to not go on the boat and receive a full refund. If you are happy to do so please send an email to with your...
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    Boat to West Ham - Tickets on sale

    The moment GP200 has been waiting for - boat details for West Ham away (well, some details anyway). Sunday 3rd October (KO 2pm) I'm in discussion with the Boat Hire company but so far: Departing from Kew Pier - 09:00 Arriving North Greenwich - 12:00 (then 3 stops on the Jubilee Line to...
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    Bees United - Bees Fans Memorial Page

    I am sure we are all still in a state of euphoria after our incredible achievement of reaching the Premier League. Sadly, many of us will know of fellow Bees who are no longer with us and will not be able to share our return to top flight football. If you are a BU member, you may well have...
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    First Team Goalkeepers 2021/22

    Apologies if there is already a thread elsewhere on this. I'd really be interested on peoples views on this (especially Thomas and the DoF :D ) Not surprisingly, Luke Daniels has now gone (as in I think that has been on the cards for a while) and we seem to have an array of talented keepers on...
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    The "Brentford Model"

    With all the noise this week around a "European Super League" and the backlash it received from just about everybody this article from Bees United Chairman Stewart Purvis shows how fan involvement can and does work - and perhaps a reminder of how fortunate we are. WHY THE 'BRENTFORD MODEL' OF A...
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    Bees United AGM - 31st March 2021

    Bees United are holding their AGM on 31st March 2021, starting at 7pm. For obvious reasons, this year's meeting will take place via Zoom. Brentford CEO Jon Varney will be doing an online Q and A with Bees fans and the first question will be from guest of honour Jamie Powell. How to take part...
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    Bees United Membership Database

    Over the last 6 months or so, John Scott (Membership Secretary at BU) has put in a huge amount of work attempting to reconnect with Bees United members who, for one reason or another, we have lost touch with - and to also ensure we are compliant with GDPR laws. However, there are still several...
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    Is Surrey County Cricket completely discredited?

    74 all out in their second innings to lose to Hampshire by an innings and 52 runs (and Hants only made 298!!) Only 2 "batsmen" made double figures 4 ducks (2 golden!!) Surrey played 3 lost 3 and rock bottom with 9 points Is it time to give up?
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    Is Craven Cottage our happiest hunting ground?

    I was thinking about this. My first awayday at Craven Cottage was as a young lad (16) on a lovely Summer's day in August 1982. We won 2-1 thanks to a Barry Tucker penalty and a Roger Brown own goal. Since that day (and including that result) our overall record at Craven Cottage is: P W D...
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    Colliers Launches facing financial difficulties - can we help?

    Colliers Launches are the company that I use for the awaydays by boat. They are a family business and through the lockdown are facing a real financial challenge. They fall between the cracks when it comes to the financial support packages provided by the Government. The brothers, Danny and John...
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    Stoke City (A) - (Date/KO Time: TBC)

    Train tickets purchased. £22 each (with a Railcard). London Euston to Stoke-On-Trent less than 1 1/2 hours each way. Yes, this could still be moved for TV but have booked via Trainline which allows you to change your booking. Support the boys at our last away game this season. COYB!!
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    Boat for Fulham Away - Cancelled due to Date Change

    Me and my shipmates from BIAS are looking at doing a boat for the game at Fulham. Clearly this game could well be moved for TV (and there will be a reduced away allocation) so we won't confirm until the TV selections have been announced. Stand by for further details.
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    Huddersfield Away - Saturday 18th January

    Anyone found cheap train tickets for udders away yet? (or know when they're coming out?) Best price I can find at the moment is about £78 return (and that's with a railcard!!)
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    Hull City Away - 1st Feb KO 12:30 on Sky

    I can't see this being changed for TV and have taken a punt on train tickets. £22 return on Hull Trains (with a travelcard).
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    Ticket Access Points

    Does anybody know how you can check the breakdown of your Ticket Access Points total (for example, if you wanted to validate that a particular match(es) had been correctly included)? Thank you
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    Will the Club make a statement? (Derby player allegations)

    Sorry to bring this topic up again but I was listening to BBC Radio 5 Live last night and there was (rightly and understandably) a lot of discussion about the game in Sofia Monday - and the abhorrent racism. During the discussion, Curtis Davies raised the Duane Holmes allegations (thankfully not...
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    Boat for Millwall ?

    I'm thinking about doing a boat to Millwall on Sunday 29th December. Would there be interest? Prices probably similar to Charlton. Leaving from Kew Pier around 10.30 disembarking at London Bridge around 13.00.
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    Cap'n Jim (BIAS) - Boats to Charlton (10am Kew Pier)

    Morning all. I'm getting boat details for this one. Hopefully going from Kew Pier downriver through London to the Thames Barrier. About 15-20 minute walk to the ground. COYR!! Tickets can be purchased below:
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    Boat to Fulham - Tickets now on sale

    I can confirm that the boat to Fulham is on!! The boat will depart from Kew Pier at 12:00, head down river (Central London) for an hour or so before heading back up river to arrive at Putney Pier for 14:30. That leaves a few hours for sampling the watering holes of Putney before watching the...
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    Chelsea Boat: ***NOW LEAVING Kew Pier @ 10:15am***

    Thanks to BIAS (and in particular Hobbsy) we're taking this into the 21st Century. Tickets for the boat should be purchased online. We'll shortly be putting a link on here to allow you to do so. Tickets will be £11.99 per person. Anyone who has indicated interest so far should be fine in...
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