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    FiveThirtyEight Predicted Table 2021/2

    Danny Murphy made a relevant point on MOTD2, No top player would want to sign for them in January with the threat of relegation at end of season. There best bet is good squad players around europe or uk not getting regular game time open to a loan move. Problem then is those players are going...
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    Weird Things that have happened this week in football?

    You forgot to include Wet Spam !!!!
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    West Ham (A) Champagne Moment

    watched match on a stream, BEIN had Tony Gale co-commenting, the most one sided biased commentary you could wish to hear - one gem was "their recruitment policy isn't everyone's cup of tea, certainly not mine" - This from a club that spent 45mill on a forward that scored 10 goals in 2.5 yrs then...
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    Brentford vs The World Famous Liverpool Champagne Moments

    Spoke to guy on train home who said 1 tout had over 80 tickets @ £200.00 each, - he shifted over 50 of them, where's he got that quantity from ???
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    Expectations for the Season 21/22

    Taking the "Its Brentford innit" theme, how many like me thought after losing to Brighton, we'll probably get a result at Wolves.
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    Final Score Bees 0 - 1 Brighton

    That's the nail on the head - the better the opposition the least chances you will get. Brighton created very little (2 on target) but took their chance, if you're going to miss chances against the mid to lower teams in this division you need to create more & as a previous poster said, Rico &...
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    Final Score Aston Villa 1 Brentford 1 (Toney)

    Totally ridiculous, if you take that to the extreme - if a goalkeeper throws a ball to a defender is he still in control till the defender touches it. !!!!! - as soon as he releases the ball from his hands it's in play. How is it i've seen when a goalkeeper rolls the ball along the floor & a...
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    Food and drink options at BCS

    It's supposed to be !!!! - In the Orchard they just leave the pies & drink on a table, absolute joke as people just take handfulls of the pies that are the size of a small pork pie & grab as many bottles of beer as possible for later, they even take all the bottle openers so people use the side...
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    Kew Cricket Club - Opening Times

    Just an off chance, but if you join the cricket club for before & after drinks, is there a car park available for members,
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    Final: England v Italy

    The best thing that could have happened to Italy was us to score early on. Mancini sat there for the first 20mins knowing we would drop deeper & deeper & they would have as much of the ball as they wanted. It was continual defending from 30 minutes onwards with no outlet whatsoever. Who was the...
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    Final: England v Italy

    For as long as Southgate dared. Same tactics game after game, attack for first 20, hope to score then drop deeper & deeper to try & defend a lead. Sorry, the guy is too cautious, with the talent he has to pick from. Bringing 2 kids on with 90 seconds to go & give them that responsibility was an...
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    England vs Germany

    He doesn't use whats available to him - there lies the problem
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    England vs Germany

    Would you like Southgate managing us & would you pay week in week out to watch his style of football. He was available at the time & probably cheap & toes the F.A line in every interview. He's only part of the problem it's the hiearchy,
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    Favourite / Least Favourite Football Pundits / Commentators etc

    Souness for me, tells it how it is & in a way you can relate to. His comment "It aint coming home with that team" said everything about England the other night.
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    Things other teams' fans say about Brentford FC

    After Cooper went to Thomas just before the end & shook his hand my hatred for him & Swansea did wain, I even went on their forum & contemplated telling them that next year might be their turn as they played (or didn't) like us last year but "Christ" after reading a few of their moronic comments...
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    Bees 2 (Toney (p), Emiliano) Swansea 0

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    Footballers In Trouble

    Never rated Keogh & enjoyed the abuse he got at G.P. but I hate Derby more & what they did to him & not the other 2 culprits shows them for what they are - a rotten club from top to bottom that used the accident as an excuse to save some money. The other 2 had some value so they only got a...
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    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    You think so, If we don't make it this year & with Marcondes off, Ghoddos in & out & Jensen blowing hot & cold, I'd say he would be the perfect fit in the middle for our system. might be 30+ but if he get's us over the line & up the cost would be minimal.
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    Preston 0 - 5 Bees (Mbeumo, Forss, Toney, Canos, Marcondes)

    Playing deeper for Fosu & Mbuemo was the difference, kept them concentrated, in the game & not isolated up front, same can be said for Roerslev, just surprised with the available players for the past few weeks why has it taken so long to make the changes. Noorgard playing deep & allowing Janelt...
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    Emiliano Marcondes (Released)

    Who else is out of contract in the summer ?
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