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    Russell Slade threat to Brentford’s entire business model Slade is leading legal action to claim performance stats of footballers are personal data being processed in breach of GDPR. If he wins, all the data coming out of matches played in public, ie the entirety of the databases of Smartodds, Opta etc, would...
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    New Shirt Sponsor- Hollywoodbets

    A bit disappointing to have another betting company sponsor. But as the South African leader perhaps just a sign of our new international profile.
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    Wiki *** 2021/22 Away Ticket Allocation ***

    95 per cent of our away tickets will be allocated to Season Ticket and Premium Seat Holders and they will be distributed in the following order: Window 1 Season Ticket and Premium Seat Holders who meet the appropriate TAPs threshold (determined by the number of Match Tickets available), will...
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    Development Targets for Players

    Now that we've had a few games to watch I've been thinking about how players from last season have done and whether I can discern the sorts of things Frank might have been giving them as personal areas to improve. The new boys and those moving up from the fringes will have more to do generally...
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    Tickets & Travel - a suggestion

    I think it would make more sense if threads about tickets, swaps, etc were put into the Matchday Travel forum and that get renamed "Matchday Tickets and Travel". This would let the First Team Matches forum just be about talking about the games rather than (as at present and likely only to...
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    Strengthening the Squad for a Promotion Push in January

    Too soon? There's an undercurrent in quite a few of the player threads about the risk that we'll get big offers in January. Strongest seems to be the continuing interest in Mepham from Bournemouth and Leicester, plus the laughable idea that we'd sell Maupay for anything short of double the...
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    Team for Arsenal

    Is this too early as we have a few league games to come first? I think we ought to play a strong team because there's no point in getting excited about a cup match away at Arsenal and selling 8k+ tickets if we then play our usual alternate XI. Assuming no forced changes due to injuries and...
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    FT: Southend 2 - 4 (Forss, Jeanvier, Benrahma. Mokotjo) Bees

    Daniels Clarke Sorensen Jeanvier Field Mokotjo Woods Yennaris Benrahma Forss Judge Subs: Bonham, Mepham, Canos, Maupay, McEachran, Sawyers, Konsa Lots of changes to starting line up and a very untried defence. But the strength of the bench suggests that if it looks disastrous Smith will have...
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    Chris Mepham

    Just signed 5 year deal and joins 1st team squad.
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    Eccentric Players

    Today's prize goes to Brian Kilcline Can't really see many characters like that emerging today from a professional game where youngsters in L2 aren't going to be seen dead driving a Dacia, living...
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    Anti-strike clause

    I was just thinking about whether it would be possible to put a clause in player contracts which would be effective in reducing the risk that, as happened with Tarkowski and Hogan, players who are angling for a move, particularly towards the end of a contract, might make themselves unavailable...
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    "No news" marking

    Would it be possible for the Mods during the close season and transfer windows to put highlighting on player/transfer threads when they don't contain any new news? At the moment we seem to get the same old guff which has appeared on some shoddy twitter account or tabloid newspaper recycled over...
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    QPR away 28th October

    OK, obviously most Bees fans aren't going to have any issues about this, I know. But, as a non-local, what's the best place to park and not get my car trashed by local knuckle draggers? I was thinking of parking in the Westfield car park but is this a crazy idea on a match day?
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    I write about this, that and the other, but also about the Bees when I manage to make a game. If you don't want to read about Glastonbury, where I've been on holiday or the EU's treatment of subsidies to the steel industry, all my Bees posts are available here. I don't get many comments but you...
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    They care because we care

    This is a really nice article about the people who support us as football fans without themselves being fans of our club. It is written by a Bradford fan about his mum who encouraged him to go to his first game and who recently passed away, but I think applies to many of us regardless of club...
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    Shortest club careers

    There might be someone to have lasted even less time (such as the chancer who was a mate of George Weah's and got a few minutes as a sub before being subbed off for Southampton a while back), but this guy at Bury has the distinction of lasting only one day after signing a contract following a...
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    Bees v Chesterfield away

    Am I first back? 3-2 rather flattered chesterfield but fair play to them for not caving in at 2-0. Decent game considering nothing in it for either team. Very chilly and subdued home crowd of decent size. I can understand not bothering to go to your last home game in chesterfield's situation...
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    Adam Thompson from Watford and NI International Joins on Loan.

    Seems to be Watford player - just tweeted that he's completed first day on loan with us.
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    Some reminiscences

    I've blogged about becoming a Bees fan, 18 seasons of disappointment and (less blind than usual) optimism for the forthcoming season. If anyone's interested.
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    Iain Dowie

    I'd expect he'd be hoping for at least a Championship job (although can't really think of anyone who is currently likely to be on the hunt for a new manager) but would definitely be able to do a great job here even if only to the end of the season...
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