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  1. Ealing Bee

    Fair play to Leeds United!

    (No.1 in a series of "Things you never thought you'd read on the Internet") In the fallout from the Taliban taking over Afghanistan again, the consequences for womens' football were devastating. However, with the majority of National team players being out of the country at the time, or...
  2. Ealing Bee

    Man City buying up Football - ADO Den Haag next?

    According to AD via Voetbalzone , ADO Den Haag are looking for a new buyer and are in desperate need given their financial situation. ADO Den Haag has until November 1 to find a new owner or a bank guarantee of €5.1 million. If that fails, the club’s Keuken Kampioen Divisie professional...
  3. Ealing Bee

    Brentford & Chiswick Local History Journal (incls. BFC article)

    "The latest issue of the local history society’s journal may have the widest range of subjects ever according to its publishers. The thirtieth annual Brentford & Chiswick Local History Journal covers subject as the Thornycroft family, a Hugenot in Chiswick and Brentford FC in less glorious...
  4. Ealing Bee

    Matt O'Riley (MK Dons) - Worth keeping an eye on?

    Matt O'Riley: 20 y.o. midfielder, Hounslow lad (Teddington?); has played for England under-age; MK Dons fans seem to be getting excited about him - oh and has a Danish mum! THE CONCRETE ROUNDABOUT (TCR) • View topic - Matt O'Riley O’Riley makes MK Dons move I know he was in Fulham's Academy -...
  5. Ealing Bee

    West Ham United - Off the pitch

    Obviously there is copious comment on the yesterday's game elsewhere on the forum, but I thought the following Opinion piece in KUMB on off-the-pitch matters at WHU was interesting, esp: "Should the shareholders of the club achieve the believed asking price for their shares in due course, they...
  6. Ealing Bee

    Champions League 2021/22

    And these guys are in the Champions League o_O
  7. Ealing Bee

    "World Cup every two years" anyone?

    While Arsene Wenger was managing Arsenal, he frequently - and justifiably imo - complained about his players having to play too many games, eg here. Yet after he left/was sacked from Arsenal, he took up a position with FIFA, where he's currently undertaking a study on their behalf to see how...
  8. Ealing Bee

    PL player Vaccination Stats, incl. Brentford's

    Today's Sunday Times sports section has a very interesting article on vaccination rates at PL clubs: Getting football fully vaccinated is proving easier said than done Just in case people cannot access this (need to register?), in summary: Only 3 clubs have disclosed how many of their players...
  9. Ealing Bee

    PL clubs to refuse to release players for international duty in red-list countries

    Applies to where the players are playing, not where they come from. Obviously. Clubs want quarantine exemption before releasing players Any Bees players affected?
  10. Ealing Bee

    Adana Demispor (Turkey) aim to win European Super Corruption League

    Adana are the Sunderland of Turkish football - big and passionate fanbase, but out-of-the-way and never won much. They've just been promoted to the top tier of Turkish football after 26 years away. And although the club is fan-owned, it seems to be based on spending by their President, Murat...
  11. Ealing Bee

    "The Men Who Sell Football" - stunning undercover Al Jazeera investigation into English football corruption

    Covering fraud, corruption, money laundering and various other criminal processes used by the fixers who arrange for crooks to buy into English football clubs, this 70 minute programme features shady characters from Russia, China, Cyprus and elsewhere, buying/looking to buy Villa, Reading...
  12. Ealing Bee

    Brighton charged by FA over agent regulations breach (pre-dates Maupay signing)

    The alleged offences are dated between January 2015 and January 2018. Brighton say they "identified and self-reported to the FA a limited number of historical administrative errors" following an internal review in 2019 and are "openly co-operating" with the governing body. Brighton were fined...
  13. Ealing Bee

    TV rights: Government allows top flight to roll over existing deal

    The Premier League has been granted government permission to roll over its existing domestic television deal with broadcasters for a further three years. The new deal with Sky Sports, BT Sport, Amazon Prime Video and BBC Sport will run from 2022 to 2025. The previous deal was worth £4.7bn. The...
  14. Ealing Bee

    Premier League still chasing Man City over FFP!

    Court ruling shows Premier League still investigating Manchester City over FFP City strongly deny wrongdoing regarding financial fair play Premier League started to investigate City in March 2019 Manchester City have lost a ruling by the court of appeal, which confirms that the Premier League...
  15. Ealing Bee

    UEFA President Ceferin Doesn't Support Future Multi-host Euros

    Euro 2020 has been unfair for fans and a challenge for teams because of the vast difference in distances they have had to travel during the tournament, says Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin. England play Italy in Sunday's final at Wembley after a championship that has been played in cities in...
  16. Ealing Bee

    'Solutions For Our National Game' - Suggested EFL Reforms from the "Fair Game" Group

    Abolishing parachute payments is one of a number of reforms proposed by 10 English Football League clubs, led by Championship side Luton Town, hoping to make football fairer and sustainable. The 'Fair Game' group wants to see an independent regulator with powers to oversee the men's and women's...
  17. Ealing Bee

    Season 1946/47 - All Our Yesterdays...

    Just checked out how Bees did last time we were in the top flight - Relegated in 21st place, Pl 42 W 9 D 7 L 26 Pts. 25 (8 points behind Huddersfield in 20th) These were the 8 clubs we'll face this time who were also in Division 1 back then, with final position and results (Home team score...
  18. Ealing Bee

    PCR Covid testing at the BCS - Sat.19th June 2021

    @BrentfordFC "Hounslow Council and Brentford Football Club are tackling COVID-19 at the weekend with a mass PCR testing event for the borough’s residents. The event will take place on...
  19. Ealing Bee

    Why Ivan Toney's penalties are so successful?

    I've never really bought into the idea that he "sends the keeper the wrong way" (though they often do go there). I had thought that maybe it was because his particular style didn't give keepers sufficient time to react. But after reading the following fascinating article on MLB Pitcher Trevor...
  20. Ealing Bee

    Brentford FC 27th (OF 91) in Fan Engagement Index 2019/20

    1st = Exeter C; 2nd = Carlisle U; 3rd = Cambridge U 89th = Sheff Wed; 90th = Macclesfield; 91st = Swindon Town Selected others: 5th = AFC Wimbledon; 21st = Millwall; 26th = Fulham; 38th = Orient; 42nd = QPR; 71st = Charlton; 78th = Chelsea. Full table here: Fan Engagement Index
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