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    Jack Hawkins and other celebs to have played at Griffin Park

    Ok, now Rod Stewart has owned up, just who is the best known showbiz star to have actually played football at Griffin Park? And, please, we must do better than Bradley Walsh! Here are a few, from the past, for festive starters; Billy Cotton, famous bandleader Jimmy Edwards, top comedian from...
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    28 goal thriller in Sunbury!

    Did anyone see the amazing result from today's Combined Counties Division One fixture? Spelthorne Sports beat South Kilburn 27-1!:eek: I watched Spelthorne earlier in the season when they inflicted the first ever defeat on Guernsey FC. Spelthorne impressed me that day, but I never expected to...
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    Very sad news for Hanworth Villa

    I heard today that, very sadly, Hanworth Villa legend Tony Buss passed away on 19th December. He was a terrific servant to that club, and will be greatly missed by all those at 'The Ranch' and all those who knew him from local football, and Combined Counties football etc. Our thoughts are with...
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    Bob Hambledon, RIP

    I heard today that, very sadly, Bob Hambledon died very recently, and his funeral was today. Bob was, at one time, a large figure at Griiffin Park, in more ways than one. I believe he helped out behind the scenes. He also played a part in the early days of Brentford Athletic FC., and a few...
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    Benham Deal Completed

    A new thread needed, perhaps. Congratulations to all concerned for finalising the Matthew Benham deal. It must have been very hard work, and taken a lot of diplomacy, to sort it all out! Let us hope it is now onwards and upwards for all connected with Brentford FC:sorted:
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    Naming rights for Braemar Road stand

    Maybe this is for a new thread, but did the club and BU try other parties re the naming rights for the Braemar Road roof? If BU are only paying for the cost of the signeage, then, effectively, BFC are not getting anything for that site at all. Call me an optimist, but , surely, the value of that...
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    Former Goalkeepers

    Gerry Cakebread, Paul Smith,David McKellar,Chic Brodie, Graham Benstead, Ben Hamer, in that order, for me.With Steve Sherwood also a contender. However, we have also had some very good others on shortish loans/ contracts such as Gerry Peyton , Perry Suckling and John Smeulders( remember him?)
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    BeesWorld Commentary v Norwich

    I have just been made aware that , on the BeesPlayer commentary, my voice came over far too loud on the microphone for some listeners. For those of you who were listening in, sorry folks! The mike did not work properly at the start of the commentary, and , after we had re-set the volume we...
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    Well done BIAS!

    Further to my earlier comments, I have just read about BIAS's 'Out and About' initiative, aimed at maintaining and increasing support for Brentford FC. Hopefully, this will be a step in the right direction. It deserves to succeed, and let us give it our support. Well done BIAS !:)
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    Decent Players that have come through the Youth Team

    Maybe this should be a new thread, but I would be interested in supporters' views on the best local players to have graduated through the youth team at Brentford, In my early days of following the club, the likes of Jim Towers and Gerry Cakebread went on to become great local favourites, and...
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