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    Arsenal (H) Predictions

    The glory nights of the sherpa van trophy are over good luck tonite bees..1-1.
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    Bees Overseas Locations

    Greetings from murcia spain up the bees..🐝
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    Michael "Paddy" Patten RIP

    R.I.P paddy my friend loyal bee.
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    Group D: England, Croatia, Czech Republic, Scotland

    The poor ginger ones ..😀
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    Group D: England, Croatia, Czech Republic, Scotland

    Blackpool would beat that shower trying to watch the chat at hslf time the subtitles dont work..
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    Group D: England, Croatia, Czech Republic, Scotland

    The jocks look sh*te whos the cock trying to be gazza..
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    This one’s for you…

    My old man tony bruv dave and loyal bee john weve done it thank you..🍺🐝
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    Brentford v Bournemouth FT: 3-1 (Toney(p) Janelt, Forss) agg 3-2

    well done bees come on get this sh*t done good luck..🐝🐝
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    Bees v Bmuff 2nd leg predictions....

    Bees 4 muff 0 good bye griffin park great days i will miss you..🐝
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    Bees 2 - 0 Watford (Forss, Toney(p))

    toney to get one against those watford wamkers..
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    Away Fans In New Stadium

    Brum scum w***ers..
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    Huddersfield 1 - 1 Bees (MBS)

    Get a new man in before the play offs make thr poor f***er suffer..
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    Huddersfield 1 - 1 Bees (MBS)

    Lucky to get 3k next home game..shambles..
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    Huddersfield v Bees predictions....

    Bees to win anything will get on my tits..
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    Sergi Canós

    Were toney fc this season canos needs off loading bit of luck to qpha..
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    Sergi Canós

    Stunk today utter sh*te..
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    Most Important player to the team

    No toney be in sh*t street.
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    QPR v Bees predictions...

    Qphaa. 1 bees 2..we wont lose to those mugs.
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    Bees 0 - 2 Barnsley

    Been beaten up by a sh*te team of northern monkey cloggers no answer to the cheating time wasting crap they played bryan needs a size 10 boot up his arse..
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