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    Tony Spencer RIP

    After a short illness my dad gave up his fight this morning a brentford fan all his life and made me one at a very young age he was 89 he used to ride his bike from his home in sipson to griffin park also he rode his bike all the way down the A4 to see the bees at elm colnbee and his dad...
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    John Langford.R.I.P.

    The man who first took me up to griffin park with my best mate as kids waiting at the gates to see what end the bees were kicking to moving over to the royal oak we could allways see where john was coz his pipe smoke..great days..good night john r.i.p..
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    David james skint..

    Wheres it all gone..he,s sellibg all his crown jewels...unreal.
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    Flat clearance westbury..

    If anyone needs a metal framed bed n mat a year old plus draws will do sumone a turn..
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    Gold record and tape in a frame.

    Anyone know anything about them or worth.
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