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  1. Brentford Bob

    What do you like best about the new stadium?

    Going back to the Trotta crossbar thing again… and forgive me if this has been covered elsewhere, but is that not the actual goal frame under the stairs in the West Stand?
  2. Brentford Bob

    Charlie Goode

    Great, determined display from Charlie today. Also my MOM.
  3. Brentford Bob

    Ryan Woods (Birmingham City)

    No need for that - he‘s a qualified ref and therefore one of the few people on here who actually knows the laws of the game.
  4. Brentford Bob

    Kew Bridge trains or lack thereof for Everton 28/11/21

    Trains up from Bournemouth/Southampton are f***ed again. There’s either a 90 min bus replacement service between Winchester and Guildford, or the two hour train from Southampton Central to Waterloo…. Either way it’s around a six hour round trip on SWR. Cheers.
  5. Brentford Bob

    Question about your new ground

    i reckon, and you can call it a hunch if you like, that Amanda could probably afford to buy it back.
  6. Brentford Bob

    Footballers In Trouble

    Made into a fantastic film called, I Tonya starring Margot Robbie.
  7. Brentford Bob

    Tickets Southampton (A) SOLD OUT

    No probs with tickets for the Hants Bees Keo Crew…. My eldest lad is a high TAPs member and got one too. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Brentford Bob

    "Unfortunate" Young Liverpool Fan Not Admitted to Home Section at WHU

    I’m sure the lad would have been even more ‘inconsolable’ if his dad had had his head stamped on. No sympathy here.
  9. Brentford Bob

    Tickets Southampton (A) SOLD OUT

    Plenty of drinking options between the station and the ground.
  10. Brentford Bob

    Josh Dasilva (Long Term Injury)

    That’s an amazing first post.
  11. Brentford Bob


    A little surprised that Ghoddos’ goal at Burnley wasn’t included in the MOTD goal of the month competition…. Actually, no I’m not.
  12. Brentford Bob

    Favourite Watering Hole when move to Lionel Road Happens ?

    I always got the impression that the cricket club would be rammed… I’ll definitely make the effort to check it out next time.
  13. Brentford Bob

    Favourite Watering Hole when move to Lionel Road Happens ?

    First trip to The Steam Packet yesterday. Nice place….expensive but they’re still doing table service (which I like). Slightly weird arrangement with the doorman who spent most of his time outside, gazing at us through the window. I’m surprised the Italian cafe on the corner, by the bridge...
  14. Brentford Bob

    Tariqe Fosu

    The Fosu situation needs sorting. Surely, unless he’s another on the injury list, he must be a better option off the bench than Forss, and a better addition to the bench than Stevens? I’m going to stick my neck out here as well, and suggest Tariqe would be a less desperate choice as a sub...
  15. Brentford Bob

    Dean Smith (Norwich City)

    I wonder how much not having Richard O’Kelly alongside him has affected Smith?
  16. Brentford Bob

    South Asian - Indian heritage players.

    Nevin Saroya was a Bee. I seem to remember a player at Rangers called Mo Dhatta? I’ve had this discussion with people before…. When I was a kid of about nine or ten, there were loads of Asian kids playing for school teams, and they seemed like good players at the time. The consensus was that...
  17. Brentford Bob

    Jeff Stelling Quits Soccer Saturday and Sky Sports

    Challenge accepted. I don’t mind the Sky Soccer Saturday thing…. Stelling is great at his job and some of the others are good value - I’ve always had a soft spot for Merse. But then you watch the BT UCL version with James Richardson and it’s streets ahead, and you realise what a shadow of...
  18. Brentford Bob

    Harlee Dean (Birmingham City)

    I always tarred Harlee as one of the players who ‘made it awkward’ for MB to go to the training ground after Warburtongate? Not sure where I heard that, but sounds like it was wrong?….
  19. Brentford Bob

    EFL TV Picks and Fixtures

    Early start for Cherries fans on the 18th. The decision makers really don’t care anymore, do they?
  20. Brentford Bob

    Burnley (a) - Champagne moment

    Actually had a decent 24hrs, apart from the result. McD’s brekkie on the way up, friendly locals let us into their boozer with no problems. Managed to get away from the ground quite quickly and checked into our prem inn in Warrington by 1830. More beers, decent bit of grub last night and a...
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