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    Women's International Teams

    I see the Lionesses shared 20 goals with Latvia this evening. Monkey tennis, anybody?
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    "Celebration" - The End?

    There’s little less rock and roll than a multi million selling album on a major record label.
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    QPR the mediocre club that keeps on giving

    Could we change the thread title to ...a mediocre club doing well in a sub mediocre division?
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    Dug out bar entry after game

    What sort of fans focus group would think it was a good idea not to have burgers or chips, but that pizzas were acceptable? Where did they find these people? In Domino-ho- hos?
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    Everton (H) Champagne Moment

    The classic commentary from K Wolstenholme on the video of the season. “It was calypso time at Griffin Park, but calapso time on the pitch”. Genius.
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    Everton (H) Champagne Moment

    We used to sit behind him. His “gang” were invariably late and spent an age stood up in front of us sorting out their seating arrangements while the game was going on. His triangle welcoming every corner was always welcome.
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    Frank Onyeka

    I love his tenacity and enthusiasm and I really hate to be negative about our players, but there is something of the headless chicken about him sometimes. Almost trying too hard.
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    Everton (H) Champagne Moment

    They have ratty faces don’t they?
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    Everton (H) Champagne Moment

    Of course. I’d like to pretend and blame the booze for my mistake, but I’m just a bit thick.
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    Final Score Bees 1 (Toney p) Everton 0 Att 16,957

    He must have missed all of the genuine crap I have witnessed in the last 40 years.
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    Final Score Bees 1 (Toney p) Everton 0 Att 16,957

    I assume you are new in these parts?
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    Everton (H) Champagne Moment

    Flat beer- The fans not throwing the ball back from the South stand second half. A bit cringey.
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    Referee Watch 2021/2022

    I said penalty straight away from the other end of the North stand. I couldn’t believe the game carried on.
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    Loudest home fans on a Brentford away day?

    The Stoke fans were immense that day. Hairs on the back of the neck stuff.
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    Álvaro Fernández

    Can I have it?
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    Final Score Bees 1 (Toney p) Everton 0 Att 16,957

    Ha ha! Everton could still be out there now with no opposition and not score a goal. How does a club with their budget get into a situation like that?
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    Playoffs: European Qualifiers for World Cup

    Perhaps they could settle their differences via 90 minutes of association football?
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    January 2022 Window

    Welcome to the club Tyrese.
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    Footballers In Trouble

    I thought he had opened his own salon these days?
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