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  1. Pete the Bee

    100 Years of Brentford book

    My old 100 Years of Brentford book listed on ebay if anyone's interested. Link Before some knob starts claiming I'm a heretic for not donating it to BU, most will likely end up in BFC coffers anyway and if not, will be wisely spent fighting the economic apocalypse. Cheers, Pete
  2. Pete the Bee

    Box of programmes and stuff

    Afternoon all, Moving house, so time to get rid of stuff. I've a box of Bees programmes home/away from the last few years. It's cluttering up the place. There's a few other odds and ends in there as well (old tickets etc.). Free to a Bees fan who can be bothered to come round and collect it...
  3. Pete the Bee

    John Mousinho released and joins Wycombe (confirmed)

    Shame to see such an honest and committed individual leave the club, but sadly John just didn't have the technique to make it as this level. Good luck John, I'm sure you'll build a solid career for yourself based on hard work and determination.
  4. Pete the Bee

    Pledging to Recycle to get money for BFC

    Same here. :sorted:
  5. Pete the Bee

    Trent McClenahan ?

    Trent McClenahan. What a name. Surely he should be sliding across car bonnets, driving through cardboard boxes and punching bad guys down staircases in an American '70s cop show? If the guy has a massive 'tache as well, he MUST be signed.
  6. Pete the Bee

    The Simon Brown thread

    Remember Brown at Colchester and thinking he was pretty decent. A quality acquisition by Butcher.
  7. Pete the Bee

    Bye Alex - Rhodes Leaves

    I'm glad Rhodes has finally left. He wasn't performing and made it increasingly apparent he no longer wanted to stay at GP. A good move for both parties.
  8. Pete the Bee

    Andy Frampton to Millwall (confirmed)

    Great news. Frampton won't be missed. Step up Darius the (soon to be) Great!
  9. Pete the Bee

    Grand Draw GPG Player Sponsorship 06/07

    :imwith: Cheers to KD and Mrs KD. Well organised and conducted draw. Hopefully next years will be as good. :sorted:
  10. Pete the Bee

    3 bed semi in Uxbridge / Hillingdon

    Too skint to buy Bob, but I'm moving to Uxbridge soon and would be looking to rent. If you put the property on the lettings market, I'd be interested.
  11. Pete the Bee

    Grand Draw GPG Player Sponsorship 06/07

    Drat and double drat, my ingenious plan has failed. :D Thanks for the 'young' bit. Nice little boost to the self-esteem. :bound: Don't knock acupuncture though KD, hippy types like Wee Dave, Edmundo and JBN swear by the stuff. ;)
  12. Pete the Bee

    Grand Draw GPG Player Sponsorship 06/07

    Ah, the luck of the draw my friend. Well maybe not this time. :D My old Dad once won a bottle of cider in a raffle on Richmond Green in the late '80s, and 'til this day I'm strangely proud of the cantankerous git. One day, hopefully in the not too distant future, I hope to follow in his...
  13. Pete the Bee

    Grand Draw GPG Player Sponsorship 06/07

    This is a fantastic idea. I'm almost childishly excited. God, I love a raffle. :sorted:
  14. Pete the Bee

    Martin Allen

    I'd wish him the best of luck, but he'd struggle there. Aspirations are heightened following Mandaric's arrival and although he'd have money to spend, his previous record in the transfer market doesn't bode well. He can't bring in blokes from non-league for pennies and hope they do the business...
  15. Pete the Bee

    John Mackie New Captain

    I certainly hope you're right.
  16. Pete the Bee

    Shrewsbury Town v MK Dons

    I like Allen, but I fecking hate that Franchise scum, so I'm more than happy with tonight's result. Let's all hope Winkleman loses interest, fecks off and leaves that pathetic 'club' to fold.
  17. Pete the Bee

    Good Luck to the Walkers

    Good luck fellas. :sorted: You're the sort that made this country great. :cry:
  18. Pete the Bee

    Eight released

    Good news. :sorted: That's most of the sh*te gone, but still quite a bit left to go. Get packing those bags Paul. :wave:
  19. Pete the Bee

    New assistant manager: Andy Scott

    :bound: :sorted: Great appointment. Welcome on board Andy.
  20. Pete the Bee

    Tranmere Rovers V Brentford Match Reports

    I'm with Ace Face on this. O'Connor and Frampton have proved themselves cowards this season, not fit to wear the proud shirt of our club. I'd do a little dance if we somehow managed to make the useless to55ers feck off elsewhere.
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