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    No trains (Clapham Junction to Putney) v Sheff Utd Good Friday

    Engineering work no trains to Brentford on Good Friday
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    Aston Villa (Away) 9 September

    Not many cheap trains at the moment for this game on Virgin trains website, then noticed Millwall away at Wolves same day :eek:
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    Wolves Away 24 Sept

    Cheap tickets now on sale for this fixture at the current price worth advance purchase even if the game does move £8.30 each way 1 adult 2 kids with railcard Virgin West Coast online
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    France 2016

    I know its nearly a year away however tickets just been released anyone successful in the ballot?
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    Respectful Rememberance display
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    Cheap family railcard for next season

    50% off a year's Family & Friends Railcard Get a 50% off code for an annual Family & Friends Railcard (usually £28) when you sign up for a free two month pass via The Daily Mail. How do I get it? Collect two passwords from the Daily Mail (55p) printed on Wed 9 and Thu 10 May (though you...
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    Sheffield United 13 Aug Train Tickets

    I have 1 adult and two kids train tickets going spare out on the 0925 from london St Pancras back on the 18.27 bargain fare all in £33 return PM if interested
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    Dagenham away ticket junior rip-off prices

    Cannot believe the price for a junior ticket at Dagenham £15 for the game on 1st Feb thought all teams had bought into the FL initative on lower costs for junior fans hence Bees £5 all round? Man Utd charge £15 for home games for junior tickets someone is at it at Dagenham sort it out :eek:
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    London to Southampton train tickets

    I have three return train tickets I cannot use for the away game at Southampton. Booked on Megatrain travelling on South West Trains: Depart London, Waterloo at December 11, 2010 11:39 AM arrive Southampton, Central at December 11, 2010 1:17 PM Depart Southampton, Central at December 11, 2010...
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    Plymouth Away 20th Nov

    Train tickets now available on First Great Western look cheap at the moment. Not many trains looks like one at 7 then not another till 9 from London.
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    Free Family Railcard for next season

    Get a free two-month family and friends railcard when you register on the Daily Mail offer page. It's only available online until Fri 7 May, so get in quick - it's a good deal as the railcard’s usually £26 for a year at full price, and it’ll save you a third on adult fares and 60% on child...
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    More Away fan rip-offs

    Once again more dodgy away fan rip off, this time Walsall. Family tickets, home end 55% cheaper than equivalent seating and facilities in away end. This is based on my requirement 1 adult 2 junior tickets purchase in advance. This is a sh*t practice and must stop, targeting away fans is just not...
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    Leeds Away 6th March

    Cheap tickets now released on East Coast Trains for 6th March quote Mr Logan 'get involved ' . :D:wave:
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    Bees fans being charged more AGAIN for away tickets

    Tranmere away game 5th Dec Bees £17.50 away end, Tranmere opposite stand £16.00 When are the club or BIAS going to address this ongoing issue of allowing Bees supporters to be ripped off. ( Leyton Orient,Charlton,Tranmere) :confused:
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    Gateshead FA Cup good price via Doncaster

    The train fares up to Newcastle are reasonable coming back split journey via Doncaster with a slight wait and managed to get 1 adult two kids for £62 return. :sorted:
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    Spare train ticket Darlington under 16

    I have a one possibly two spare under16 train ticket/s for 0900 Kings X out and 1934 Darlington return paid £13.50 pm if interested.
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    Bradford Away tickets Robbers

    Just seen the price for junior tickets £12 with no similar free offer on u11s which they provide for their own support. I thought the rules were that you have to price both home/away supporters equally or does not that apply to the this lot. :nono::mad1:
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    Darlington Away 25th April

    Cheap tickets now released online at National Express East Coast just booked 4 adults and 4 kids with railcard for £92.00 return London Kings X. Bargain at these fares be rude not to have a day out. :D :beer::beer:
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    Shrewsbury away 31/01/09

    Cheap train tickets now available £7 single London Euston to Shrewsbury via Wolverhampton .:sorted:
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    Spare train tickets for Stockport

    Due to other commitments I have 1 adult and two child train tickets for Stockport total cost £23.00 may need a family railcard though. Trains are : London St Pancras to Stockport via Sheffield on East Midland trains out 0925 and returns on the 1755 from Stockport again via Sheffield.. pm if...
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