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  1. Brentford Bob

    If it’s good enough for Matthew….

    From his GPG interview, I thought I’d follow MB’s lead and get a permanent reminder of that goal at West Ham. 40cm canvas for just over twenty quid…. Decent.
  2. Brentford Bob

    Wanted: 19/20 Away shirt.

    Mods: please move if not in the right section… Has anyone got one of these for sale? Size adult Large? 🤞
  3. Brentford Bob


    Was planning to travel up to a Brentford pub on Tuesday and watch the game with some beers and like minded individuals.... Last train back to Southampton leaves at 21:54:cry:
  4. Brentford Bob

    Great ‘official’ quiz...

    Apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere but there’s a really good quiz on the official site/fb page where you have to name every player who’s scored for us in the championship. It’s not easy. I got 74%, my lad got 81%....
  5. Brentford Bob

    Some old pics...

    Whilst having a COVID19 clearout, I found some old pics..... two different games. You might recognise yourself in the pitch invasion.... Great days but just how far have we come??
  6. Brentford Bob

    Transferring between New Rd and Ealing Rd?

    For the FA Cup game vs Stoke I’ve decided to have one last go in New Road.... and possibly Ealing Rd, too. If I bought a ticket for each stand, does anyone know how easy it is to transfer between the two? I was thinking of ‘re-creating’ the old days when people would change ends when it was...
  7. Brentford Bob

    Matchworn Shirts

    Most people that do Twitter will probably know that Pontus gave his shirt to a little lad in the Brentford crowd at the end of the match against Wigan. Which therefore begs the question.....?
  8. Brentford Bob

    Sheffield United Financial ‘issues’ Not sure how true it is, but there are rumours flying around that because of the above court case, the Premier League are reconsidering Sheff Utd’s promotion? Apparently this would then...
  9. Brentford Bob

    Billy Joe Saunders.

    You can take the boy out of the 'travelling community'...but you can never take the 'travelling community' out of the boy.
  10. Brentford Bob

    SWR strikes

    I know SWR have their own thread but I thought it was worth mentioning on here that there's industrial action on every Saturday between the 4th August and the 1st September. Should only affect the Rotherham and Forest home games.....
  11. Brentford Bob

    Maps of Brentford?

    Anyone got any old maps (A-Z, OS etc) of Brentford? Preferably circa 85ish? As larger scale as possible.... the current A-Z that covers Brentford is 2.88 inches to one mile, and I'd like something larger than that, if possible. Y Let me know.... anything considered, and I will gratefully...
  12. Brentford Bob

    The Commentator Controversy.

    I noticed with interest yesterday that Jason Cundy is in all sorts of trouble for his TV interview where he slaughtered Vicki Sparks, the first woman commentator for a World Cup game. I also observed that John Terry managed to worm his way out of a similar situation... For what it's worth...
  13. Brentford Bob

    Post match music

    Right. I've asked on Twitter and got no helpful responses... What is the music that is sometimes played at the end of a game.... it was played after the defeat by Norwich and sound like a 90's dance thing? It's definitely NOT M People! I've only heard it a couple of times before and tried...
  14. Brentford Bob

    Eden Hazard - Shirt Giveaway

    Something has riled me. Seeing the footage this morning of Eden Hazard giving his shirt to a boy in the Brighton stand who'd held up a piece of paper for 90 minutes, asking for the shirt. Now, it looked very much as if the boy and his father were Brighton fans, so the question has to be asked...
  15. Brentford Bob

    M3 tonight....

    Anyone know if the M3 is back to normal tonight? I can’t make head or tail of the highways agency website and every time I’ve used the M3 through sunbury after a game (in the last year or so) I’ve been diverted off at jct2 and end up having to go north on the m25. Then taking M4 to get back to...
  16. Brentford Bob

    Club vs Country. Denmark vs England?

    Purely for the sake of argument.... England's opening game at the 2018 World Cup is against Denmark. The Danish starting line up features Bjellend, Dalsgaard, Vibe and Marcondes. They also have Mads Bech Sorensen and Justin Shaibu on the bench (slightly unlikely, I know but....) Who's ya...
  17. Brentford Bob

    Charging Fans to Enter Competitions

    Maybe I'm being overly precious, but for me, charging fans two quid a time just to enter a draw for a shirt is taking the piss.
  18. Brentford Bob

    Fulham Player Of the Year

    Feel free to vote. I'd suggest Chris Martin would be a popular winner..... ;)
  19. Brentford Bob

    Reading at Home - M3?

    With reference to my journey back down south after tonights game, does anyone know if you can go "straight through" on the M3 from Sunbury, without having to come off at J2 and go through Sunningdale and Bagshot etc. The Highways Agency site is next to useless...
  20. Brentford Bob

    Brentford 4 - 0 Fulham April 1992

    Can anyone help me find the times of the goals against Fulham in 1992. If it jogs the memory, the scorers in order were: Holdsworth Gayle Blissett Ratcliffe Ta in advance...
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