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    Kicked out for two packets of crisps

    I've just checked the OS and can find no verdict or summary of the investigation on the crisps incident, nor a list of lessons learned from this very sorry tale. There's also nowt on the BU or BIAS site. There are however 13 pages on here (so far), numerous letters, e-mails and 'phone calls to...
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    Stephen Hunt / Reading & Neil Warnock

    Going by what you've just said BeeH, you must be in full support of Partridge getting sent off for aiming a head-butt at an opponent last Saturday eh? Nice to see a BFC director endorsing such sporting and well-disciplined behaviour :rolleyes:
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    Flowers for Hughie , Johnnie Gough, Ian Webb - Next Home Game

    How about sponsoring a match ball in their memory? Or even the match? Though the latter maybe out of reach due to the cost (i dunno how much it is) but if it's the ball then the names of the 3 loyal Bees will be in the programme for not only their sad passing but also for contributing towards...
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    Ron Noades - Guardian Sport 17/01/2007

    And here was me hoping I was about to read that ****'s obituary.
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    Dean Windass

    Wigan tried to sign Windass last season yet he rejected Premiership football, saying the only club he'd leave Bradford for was...... Hull City. I reckon he'd play for them for nothing.
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    The official "Alistair Hill OUT" thread!!

    Dear Mr Hill, vacate the premises and **** right off!!
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    Centre Forward : Proven or Not?

    I think he scored 2 stunning goals against us sometime around Easter in a 2-3 home defeat. I hated him he was so good against us but was delighted and amazed we got him for £25k-ish in the summer. Cue memories of Joseph and Mahoney, I think I'm gonna cry...
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    Premiership ref for Leyton Orient

    Best ref @ GP last season was Mike Halsey for the Sunderland game. Top effing reffing!!
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    Kicked out for two packets of crisps

    This is a disgusting and dispicable way for BFC's loyal supporters to be treated. It beggars belief that between what seems to be more than a dozen stewards and coppers there wasn't one iota of commonsense used. BIAS should be caning "Mr" Hill for this - he is an employee of the Club right? -...
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    Premiership ref for Leyton Orient

    Thought the ref had a decent game apart from booking Charile Ide after he'd celebrating scoring our first.
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    Adam Griffiths

    Heywood and Griffiths together are the worst centre-back partnership I've seen in 35 years of supporting the Bees. Griffiths started well but that little bit of early season good form has vanished. Heywood is just a lump - always has been, always will be.
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    Adam Griffiths

    Griffiths is now so bad I rate him worse than the Wardrobe
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    Oli Skulason?

    I wonder if he used all his free flights up? :rolleyes:
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    Oli Skulason?

    Sulkason reminds me of that fat lazy scandanavian Thomas Brolin 'cos he's fat and lazy. Laters fat lazy sulky boy :wave:
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    How can a "man" with the physique of Drogba get knocked off his feet so often and so easily? Jeezuz H Christ, even Frannk Bruno wouldn't have got knocked over by some of the zephyrs that have floored Drogab.
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    Australia v England - Fifth Test (Sydney) - Jan 2-6, 2007

    Only 3 players can come home with their reputations intact: Bell, Hoggard and Panesar. The rest had a tour to forget and though the Aussies would have caned an England team even at it's best, some of the umpiring decisions were very ordinary indeed. The last in a long line of them was when Warne...
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    Danis Salman

    Cypriot he may be but he played for the England youth on many occasions.
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    Joey Keith

    If they don't it's a waste of money innit?
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    could tabby be coming home ????? (GPG Rating - pie in the sky)

    I've heard that rumour too but only from you...
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    They Flattered To Deceive

    Didn't he sign from Spurs?
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