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  1. Pete the Bee

    100 Years of Brentford book

    My old 100 Years of Brentford book listed on ebay if anyone's interested. Link Before some knob starts claiming I'm a heretic for not donating it to BU, most will likely end up in BFC coffers anyway and if not, will be wisely spent fighting the economic apocalypse. Cheers, Pete
  2. Pete the Bee

    Box of programmes and stuff

    Afternoon all, Moving house, so time to get rid of stuff. I've a box of Bees programmes home/away from the last few years. It's cluttering up the place. There's a few other odds and ends in there as well (old tickets etc.). Free to a Bees fan who can be bothered to come round and collect it...
  3. Pete the Bee

    Whatever happened to Twickenham FC?

    As a native of England's greatest town, Twickenham, I was recently surprised to discover we once possessed a half-decent football club. Whatever happened to it? :confused: I know absolutely nothing about the once mighty TFC, except what I found below. TWICKENHAM 1945-46 Founder member of...
  4. Pete the Bee

    History of the GPG

    While in a philosophical ( :alcoholic ) mood last night, I got thinking, who conceived and created the hallowed Grapevine? Having only chanced upon the GPG in 2003, and being aware of posts dating back to 2001, I presume it was founded around the turn of the millenium by a drunken Bees fan who...
  5. Pete the Bee

    Opinions on BFC Marketing Needed Urgently

    Opinions on BFC marketing URGENTLY neede! Please leave any opinion on BFC marketing, place in the community etc. for assignment due later today. If you do so, you have earned my eternal gratitude. Cheers, Pete;)
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