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    Mathias Jensen

    the good news keeps on coming...! Wish you well Mathias
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    Lifeline Society

    I won a hamper last Christmas. Apart from that I haven't been notified of any draws etc since.
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    SIGNED Kristoffer Ajer (Celtic CB)

    Headline on one of the click bait sites says 'Newcastle can't afford to compete with Brentford for top target'. Well, I guess it is Ashley
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    M4 J8/9 - 6 closed this weekend

    Closed all this weekend from 8pm this evening. Junction 8/9 to Junction 6.
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    New New New New Handball Law

    Yes! You can take a free kick outside your penalty area or even a quick corner, whenever you're ready. But woe betide you if you try to have an attempt at goal from a free kick before the goalkeeper is ready or the wall is set up. Free kicks should be taken, anywhere on the pitch, when the...
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    Rumour Frank Onyeka - FCM - DM (poss summer move?)

    I think it is interesting that BFC and FCM now have a joint recruitment department and this Nigerian club, FC Ebedei is the African academy for FCM. Does that mean they are working for the benefit of BFC now too?
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    Rumour Frank Onyeka - FCM - DM (poss summer move?)

    He joined FCM from Nigerian third tier club FC Ebedei, which is shown as being the African football academy of FCM.
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    Rumour Scott Twine-Swindon

    Various click bait sites
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    Bristol C Weds 13 Jan 7pm (on iFollow to STHers)

    Isn't the Bristol C chief exec on the EFL board? Mark Ashton. Simon Bazalgette is a non-executive member and he lists himself as a supporter of Brentford FC. Might be interesting to be a fly on the wall at the next EFL board meeting.
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    Harry Kane

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    Josh Dasilva (Long Term Injury)

    The report in the i newspaper said he seemingly lost his footing. That was my impression too watching it live. There was no intent. Understandable that Hojbjerg a little cross but players will know intent and accident. A nasty wound but obviously accidental. The fact that Dean didn't award...
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    General Lee Dykes, Head of Recruitment, Interview

    Another 'under the radar' signing. From Bury? Seems to know exactly what the club is about.
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    The Arsenal Stadium Mystery

    The film was made before the war in 1939. Knight was wounded by shrapnel on HMS Prince of Wales in the engagement with the Bismarck in 1941. He lost the sight in both eyes but it was restored slightly in one of them. I believe he had a glass eye to replace the other. After the war he had...
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    Lachlan Brook (Brentford B)

    'who can handle the ball' from Neil Mac. Aussie rules now...joke. Love these B team signings
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    The Odious Martin Samuel

    Bees sign for a system. Do other clubs? They might sign a good player but then don't play him to his strengths. You have to know what you are getting and what you are going to do with him; not sure all clubs do.
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    The Odious Martin Samuel

    'Let the buyer beware' is perhaps true.
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    Today, I am feeling...

    At least it is not relegation. We're still in the Championship. There are other clubs worse off. Wigan for one. Bournemouth, who must be feeling as if someone has really s**t on them. At least we lost on the pitch. I will hate the gloating that will surely come when clubs 'steal' players...
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    You don't want to go up, Brentford (moved posts)

    Think this sums it up for me too. Our players are individually very good but as a team they have been exceptional. Promotion would be a reward for MB's vision, even without the vast amount of money. And which club would you trust to this money well?
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Window (EFL Window: 27th July to 16th October)

    ok. sorry, don't read everything on here.
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Window (EFL Window: 27th July to 16th October)

    'Sports Witness' state that a Greek website SDNA.Gr is claiming Bees are interested in AEK goalkeeper Vasilios Barkas 'as they are preparing to sell their first choice goalkeeper, Raya'. Anyone?
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