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    Matchday Staff @ BCS

    Haven't posted much about Friday's game, it was so perfect I just couldn't do it justice. :love: One thing I thought I must comment on though was how outstanding all the matchday staff (stewards, bar staff etc) I came in to contact with were. Found them friendly, helpful and diligent which...
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    Stewarding in Braemar Road

    I now know first hand how BTD and co feel :(
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    Maltese Bees?

    So I am moving out to Malta in two weeks for a new job,any fellow Bees out there? John Buttegieg doesn't count,although I do plan on stalking him once I arrive. :suspect:
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    Campbell Gillies

    The 21 year old jockey has sadly died following an accident while on holiday in Kavos. A rising star of NH racing,he partnered Brindisi Breeze (who is also now deceased after escaping his paddock and being hit by an oil tanker) to victory at the Cheltenham festival under a superb ride...
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    Gary Speed

    Just heard on BBC he has sadly died. Shocking news as he seemed fine on Football Focus yesterday.Always thought he seemed a decent bloke. R.I.P
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    To whoever...

    ..handed my watch in to the stewards on New Road. Thank you sooooooo much. I admire your honesty and there are a couple of cold beverages in it for you if you make yourself known to me. :sorted: Once again, thanks! :wave:
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    Batesy and Terry Evans?

    Was told by someone at the Gills game that there was to be a night in "The Hive" with these two legends. Can't find anything about it on-line,so was he talking rubbish again?
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    Deserves his own thread for being absolutely superb to day,so strong,calm and assured. Well done Marcus and long may it continue.
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    PMA wristbands?

    Are these still available? Mine broke on Friday night :cry:
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    Half Price Stone Island

    Jumpers and T-shirts. PM me for details.
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    Can someone please explain why....... (100 Greatest World Cup moments)

    on a program called The 100 Greatest World Cup Moments,England fans smashing up Marseille was number 98? Thats Englands great contribution is it? Othen than that it's quite a good program.
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    Odds on the Trolley scoring the winner in the cup final?

    Daniel Dichio (ex-hooped bastard) could be suspended from the final after being sent off today for the 'Wall,so I am now convinced Big Mac(sic) will win it for them. Congrats to the boy if he scores,but the important question is how much money we can make off him. So take it away gambling...
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    Brighton Tickets

    Just went to and have seen that Student prices are the same as adult prices,is this correct or is it a "shortly to be ammended" mistake??!!
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    Just wondering how much one of their sh*tty little boxes will be for the match?I remember a few Bees did it a couple of years ago.Would go in the away end usually but dont want to cut my knees up this year really.We are always absolute toilet at their place anyway,so expect 0 points.
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    Danny Byrne

    Been released by Man United,might be worth a look. The Hartlepool manager had this to say about him when he was on loan to them last year: "Danny can play anywhere across the middle of the park but his preference is to play wide on the right. He delivers good quality balls into the box, and we...
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    £21 For Brighton

    But its ok, because you get a £3 discount from Brighton to Withdean stations.:mad1: :nono: Anyone who went when we last played there will know that this is a ****ing disgrace.£21 to sit in uncovered seats in a stand that feels like it could fall down any second. First Swindon and now...
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    Hector Sam

    On the transfer list at Wrexham,has looked quite good when i have seen him play,quick and direct. Worth a look??
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    Has anyone got one in a reasonable condition that they want sell?but remember, i am but a poor little student,so cant afford anything too pricey. Also,MIDI sequencer anyone?
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    Martin Rowlands (merged threads)

    Rowlands To Ra Ras??!! According to Informer today,can anyone confirm or dely(the latter of the 2 please)this???
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    Still no answer Ron?

    I recently posted the following question: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dear Ron Why do you feel it neccessary to rip the heart out of the club i love.This club means so much to me and thousands of others,yet you seem to want is to destroy it. All...
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