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    Andy Scott - Is It Time?

    is it time looks like your just a non tree:fishing: lover lol seriously you cant say you enjoy the footie especially the last two games at home have been s//// look at the players huffing and puffing not knowing whats exspected of them , playing hoof ball and midgets up front not putting it in...
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    Andy Scott - Is It Time?

    is it time so tell me non gp visitor would you bee happy with our results on the money mr benham sp[ending as a buissiness man:wave::wave:
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    Well how much longer would you fund a/s services as his woeful displays and points accumulating disasters
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    Nicky Forster returns!

    n forster oap just maybe we shouldn't have signed him then we wouldn't want to know come on you lot 36 far too old :wave:
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    Nicky Forster returns!

    how much longer will he last, total waste of a position yesterday unless you count running round in circles counts. Very poor workrate aswell total over the hill signs allready and still 18 months to run on his contract very poor signing .
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    Aldershot reports and reaction

    So 4 x midfield generals and no t one giraffe up front to put away all the crosses away. Oh two midgets up front one whos 36 who couldnt get above there knees bloody appalling football and MR BENHAM how much longer will you support a one trick pony manager and his best mate ceo who must be...
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    Andy Scott - Is It Time?

    andy scott in or out bill , he must be abees mate same post code and when direct comments are aimed at 123 fruit boy deletes em, sad really when hypothetically door knob allways shut the door after him:wave:
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    A Brentford Book (Launch Date Now 1st Jan)

    brentford book dress code Harringtons only:wave:
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    Ninety minutes in one word

    ninety mins up yours bcfc:fishing:
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    London derbies......?

    derbies 70s sitty rookery :wave::wave:
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    arses to brum joebee please use fishing rod then you can join the club :fishing::fishing:
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    Roy Daniels - RIP

    Roy daniels RIP
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    Gary Kentish RIP

    GARY KENTISH Gary will miss you and your comical witt with your mates in the griffin many stories to tell about your antics of years gone buy especially putting up with alf colin stan bill carl big tom foggy carebear scatty bev eric mori to name a few we will miss you contribution before...
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    Reasons to sack or not sack Andy Scott

    hypa 123 are you abee in tandem or you just happen to l;ive in paris?????? scott will go fact and thank god % wont play a part in it fact
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    Is Mark Lazarus still with us?

    Savannah Bee Wins by a mile seen both groups and the top three wins
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    Andy Scott - Is It Time?

    so you havent been this season ?????? as for 1960 still a spring chicken then get some service in :fishing: they wont sack him till birmingham maybe you can make that game and on your way home you could take a/s with you :wave:
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    BU bursts through 2,500 barrier

    your quite right Abee its not a big issue but when a club run by and owned in part by supporters, undersells 3000 tickets in a big game it is a BIG issue and thats one of the reasons i will never join bu until you do it right ie sell out every big game on that point alone l/r will allways be...
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    BU bursts through 2,500 barrier

    thanks for your reply abee concise and to the point , as for your other post put your plastic mac on with your hat and jogg on
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    Alan Mansley

    they still sing his name on the old chitty bang bang ollie ollie mansley
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    BU bursts through 2,500 barrier

    well wetwing i asked exactly the same question about the three thousand un sold tickets and fruit boy deleted my thread in that it shows bfc are incapable to house a full house
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