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    Ticket Exchange Chelsea LC QF Spares/Wants

    I know, I know. We have people staying and to ensure I will on the right side of the Geneva convention in doors, I need to be looking to take all the males that will be staying in the house, I’m looking for two to add. Prefer dugout ? If anyone out there wants to buy and pass on would be very...
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    Budget this season = performance = money to spend ?

    what income did the club budget for this season? I don’t know and if anyone on here does, they ain’t going to share anyway. I’m guessing about £ 105 million. This is made up of 17th place, minimal TV appearance, plus the money all receive. ( not 100% sure on previous sell on clauses etc, still...
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    Travel Burnley - driving

    Only way I can do this is there and back the same day. Will be leaving Bognor about 07.00, six hour drive, with stopping. Going along the M27 to Southampton up the M3 to the A34 up to the M40, then on up. Have room for 2, as long as one is small for the back of the car. No petrol money needed...
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    Premier league 2021/22

    Whoever wins in 3 weeks time, has just 11 short weeks until the start of the new season In the Premier. It’s bonkers. After 2 seasons disrupted by Covid the enormity to get sorted just seems daunting for any club to deal with to start with any chance to survive. Players have been playing twice...
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    Demographic of our support

    So many different languages in New Road today. I think it is fantastic all these people wanting to come and see us play. Till this point have not jumped on the bandwagon about marketing etc but am really starting to wonder how many young local new support we are attracting that is away from...
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    My bottom half

    Seems to me that there are a lot of clubs that will struggle this year. My 12 teams that I think will finish in the bottom half are, Birmingham - Transfer embargo lifted but to late , again tried to flash the cash, to many deep rooted problems within the club that need dealing with...
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    Game 29: Germany v Sweden

    Do Germany need to win ?
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    Watering of the pitch

    My first away last night and it struck me that I did not see that the pitch was not watered before the start or at half time. Did I miss it ? I could only conclude that this was aimed to us playing our game on the green stuff. What is the norm, the way Brentford do it, or as last night as I...
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