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    UEFA Nations League

    Sorry if this already has a thread. Had trouble getting through all the waffle but it looks like either (delete as you see applicable) a) A way of making friendly internationals more competitive b) A way of making more marketing money for UEFA...
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    Is that our old Rowan Alexander managing them? If so, looking at his record, I wouldn't mind him back here if/when MA moves on!
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    Bees On The Box

    does anyone have a copy of the video the club released of TV matches in the 70's/80's (was it called "Bees on the Box")? I think it had the "Big Match" Watford and Sheff Wed games frm the late 70s. £50 donated to Bees United if anyone can get me a copy? (Although I probably shouldn't say this...
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    New Road Queue at Southampton Match,,10421~636837,00.html This can't possibly be accurate. I heard a roar for the first goal whilst approaching the footbridge going over the railway from the great west road. This was scored after 4 minutes so suggests the time was...
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