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    A whole load better than #bignewambitions at least. Any other thoughts?
  2. absenteebee

    Service Awards

    I've done me 10 years next month so is it correct I get to choose one of these for my Long Service gift?
  3. absenteebee

    Updated All Time Bees XI

    There must be a thread about this somewhere but with the amount of players we've gone through recently, I was thinking about MY All Time Bees XI. Not just on ability and achievement but the players who have meant most to me for whatever reason. As it covers a few decades back, it will also be...
  4. absenteebee

    Tweets You Wish You Could Send to Former Players (et al)

    I see these yoots sending him tweets as idiots but then I wonder how I would have been had Twitter been available when I was younger... "@murrayjones you utter ****ing cocktwat. How the **** did we replace @DeanoGoals with you? @KeefMilly I hope your mate has bunged you most his signing on fee...
  5. absenteebee

    The 2015/16 kit speculation thread

    Some other thread reminded me about this... Anyone in the know care to share owt? Stripes thicker or thinner? Collars? Round neck? Unique or template? Is this the away kit? Any teaser campaigns lined up?
  6. absenteebee

    Clampdown on Sexism at Football Matches About time right? ...
  7. absenteebee

    Keshi Anderson - Triallist from Barton Rovers

    A triallist - just netted a hatrick in six minutes. Good scoring record in non-league. Another Andre? Started game as a sub. Carlton Cole nowhere to be seen.
  8. absenteebee

    Pre-season 1992/93

    This pre-season is bringing heaps of excitement for the season ahead, especially if those two signings everyone seems to know about do come off. Last time we had the second tier to look forward to was 22 years ago. I'll be honest, I can't remember much about it. What are other people's memories...
  9. absenteebee

    Luke Chadwick - Cambridge Fan

    This has been mentioned elsewhere but I think he deserves his own thread for how much playing for Cambridge means to him. Steve Caulker take note :sorted: I love the quote about his Missus buying him the new Cambridge kit every year!
  10. absenteebee

    Sol Campbell "Would have been England captain for ten years if he was white"

    Sol Campbell "Would have been England captain for ten years if he was white" Ridiculous claim from the man himself. Comments like that really don't help racism in football debates. Imho. Does he include the time he spent at Notts County in that...
  11. absenteebee

    Conor McAleny

    Just seen his thread was closed... I reckon his leg must be getting better soon. Would love to see him return but what odds am I given on him joining Wigan Athletic on loan in the new year?
  12. absenteebee

    The Great BEE Location Thread...

    This will become either an Absenteebee only thread, or alternatively, 2015's best selling calendar... I seem to see a load of these in my locality but it would be great to see some further afield than this in Walton On Thames... Just like threads about fit neighbours, photos are needed for...
  13. absenteebee

    BT to get Champions League Rights? A billion quid? Expect to see your phone bills go up! Not bothered about terrestrial TV showing this. Until we're in it, I tend not to watch games anyway. That said, John Terry's penalty is always worth a rewatch. :bound:
  14. absenteebee

    kadeem harris

    On loan from Cardiff... Looked decent didn't he?
  15. absenteebee

    Time you spend on here each day?

    Genuinely interested. Reckon I probably spend about half an hour or so most days reading & writing. This can be more when I walk home from work or a game is on and I'm not there. Who spends the most time on here then? Even just 'sneaking a peek' counts ;). Btw, that's today's allowance done...
  16. absenteebee

    Excuses for posting rubbish

    Thought it could be an idea for members to admit times where they know they are posting rubbish. I mean more rubbish than usual. Alcohol and other drugs are probably the most common reason although boredom, usually from work, is mine. I am here to confess that spending the last two nights in...
  17. absenteebee

    Stattos Help - How many people pay to go to football each week?

    Must be at least one million right? If you add every PL & FL club's average attendance = c1.4 million. Half this approx as 50% of teams will not be at home will they? (we seem to have the 57th best average league attendance so far this season - Yeovil are 53rd the bastards). Non League? Got...
  18. absenteebee

    2013/14 Team Photo

    Hello, Here's my annual post asking has this been taken? Was it/will it be at GP? Were there enough adidas kits to go round? Were there any weird variations on a theme? Can't see owt on OS or Official Pics site but didn't get a programme and realise it could've been in this. Please don't...
  19. absenteebee

    Sky Bet Football League

    Hmmm. Not impressed with the Brentford kit they're using. Sunday League catalogue shot.
  20. absenteebee

    Fulham's 2013/4 Relegation Thread

    Worth a try huh? Bored with the other thread now they're down... Wigan are 1-0 up at ht. Good luck to Roberto's men. How good would it be to have two very local derbies next season... Come on footballing gods, make it happen...
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