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    MOM v Arsenal 13/8/21 (home)

    Everyone on the pitch played like heroes so to single one of them out is obviously a very difficult task but for me it was a choice of 4 Pinnock who was flawless at the back Rico because he showed his class time and again when called upon Toney who was tireless in his efforts both in defence...
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    Ollie Watkins (Aston Villa)

    Ollie was brilliant last season no one can take that away from him, he took to the strikers role like a duck to water Very sad to see him leave but it was on the cards when we failed to win promotion. Can only wish him well for the future and say the transfer fee was about right
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    Team vs Birmingham (Away)

    Did I say the ones pushing for promotion? Err no Oh and how does a player fulfill his potential sat on a bench ?
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    Team vs Birmingham (Away)

    I beg to differ Nothing at all wrong with any of those on the bench in fact I would argue the fact that all of them would start at most teams in this league
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    Team vs Birmingham (Away)

    Exactly Fosu would be a good impact sub
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    Worst You've Felt About Losing A Player

    Back in the day I would have to say John O'Mara But of the more recent it surprises me no one mentions Sawyers I really thought he would be difficult to wrong I was though. Tabbie was a big loss for me too
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    Oxford (H) Final Score: 2-2

    I would like to think Sergi is in the starting 11 to be honest
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    Championship Favourites..

    I dont see any reason why we cant go one better this time. We were written off last season when Maupay left but came back stronger which I am confident will be the case once more should we lose any of the current squad As for the others I think the main threats will come from Forest Cardiff...
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    If we don’t go up, who will we lose?

    I realise all of those things and I have every confidence in those concerned that they will have every Avenue covered in respect of them we are no longer a team that sells our best players to the first bidder though and I am sure despite everything that no one will get any of them for less than...
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    New Stadium Construction Complete!

    Looks very good now Just a shame we have to wait until we can get to see the team play there
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    If we don’t go up, who will we lose?

    I'm sure that if Ollie and Benrahma do go then the powers that be will already know where their replacements are coming from ...and the rest of the 50million will no doubt be primed for further additions
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    Player of the Season

    Agree with many on here that the team perform better with Norgaard in the team. Obviously no one can overlook Ollie for his goals and work rate. Rico has been brilliant all season too ..then again I cant name one who hasn't. But if I have to pick one it has to be Pontus if he had played the...
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    Does losing to the river rats make it feel worse?

    Now I have had time to think about it the answer is no That said do think it would have been a much different story if Atkinson had the balls to do the right thing and show Reed a red card for the assault on Norgaard. Still it will be a good laugh watching them get pasted most weeks as they...
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    Messages to Thomas for Tuesday

    Just do the business on the night please
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    How many Fulham players would get into our team?

    Your point being ?? Ollie is a way better footballer than he is
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    How many Fulham players would get into our team?

    Mitrovic is way over rated and they play as much more of a unit without him. Apart from that Pontus has had him in his pocket twice already
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    Bees v Fulham play off final predictions....

    I have been a Brentford fan for more than 50 years so I know the score regarding play offs etc. That said I have never been so confident of pulling one off as I am about this one It's only the tripe down the river after all ...and we have already smashed them twice this season 2-0 Bees
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    Player of the Season

    With the exception of his first few games Norgaard has been outstanding and gets my vote
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    Reasons Why We Will Win at Wembley

    There are many reasons why we will win at Wembley the most obvious being we are way better than the tripe from down the river
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