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  1. badgerbee

    Leicester (H) Champagne Moment

    Rico outsprinting Vardy…….🙂 and then turning him…….😃 and then coming away with the ball…….😆 (Did the same with Salah IIRC……)
  2. badgerbee

    Stadium Ban for England Fans After Euro Final Chaos "England have been handed a two-match stadium ban by Uefa, with one of those suspended for two years, for the chaotic and violent scenes at Wembley around the Euro 2020 final. It means...
  3. badgerbee

    Loudest Bees Fans

    In the West Stand, my ears were literally ringing by the end of the game on Saturday, so that must be right up there for the loudest I've heard us at a game. Others that spring to mind for me are Liverpool (again) in Milk Cup at GP in '83, and the 4-1 v Fulham at Craven Cottage. Despite...
  4. badgerbee

    Bees 3-3s

    By their nature, games that finish 3-3 are pretty memorable, and last night's was certainly no exception!!! I've referenced the game v Watford back in 1979, as one that really set me off on a lifetime of supporting us, and more recently we had one at home to MK Dons on New Year's Eve 2011. Any...
  5. badgerbee

    Tickets Chelsea (H)

    Saturday 16 October, 5.30pm kick-off My Bees Members with 1,100 + TAPs: Monday 13 September, 2pm (one per person) My Bees Members with a lower TAPs threshold (lower TAPs threshold TBC dependant on demand): Wednesday 15 September, 2pm (one per person, subject to availability) All My Bees...
  6. badgerbee

    Champagne Moment: Bees v Brighton

    Managing to find/access the West Stand Mezzanine level concourse!!! 😀 Still not convinced I could do it again though!!!
  7. badgerbee

    Woody is a Bee!!!

    Realised there's no thread about one of our "Top Boys" at the moment.....😍 Gather Woody had a great day out at Villa game today, sitting with Ollie's girlfriend.....?? Any details gratefully received. 🙂
  8. badgerbee

    Tickets Liverpool (H)

    Based on the fact that BHA tickets went on sale yesterday, (just less than 3 weeks from the game) can we assume that tickets for this one are likely to go on sale on Monday 6th September? Or will they be available earlier, as Members TAPs will need to be used?
  9. badgerbee

    Water and Steam Museum Exhibition of Brentford FC

    Not sure if this is the right place, but has anyone been to see the GP display at the Water and Steam Museum? Also, what are costs/opening times? Their website doesn't seem to mention it at all...
  10. badgerbee

    Your First Season Ticket

    All the shenanigans that have been going on this week (and in recent years tbh) got me thinking about simpler times, and my first Season Ticket. Mine was purchased for the princely sum of £10:00 for the 1979/80 season (it was 50p to get in on the day IIRC, so a saving of £1:50 over the season...
  11. badgerbee

    Sporting Trivia

    Without Googling (or referring to today's Times), which of the 'major' athletics events World Records was set longest ago? When was it set, and by whom?
  12. badgerbee

    Hospitality at Lionel Road

    General match tickets not on sale yet, but is hospitality available to be booked for our first few games? Would have thought packages for the Arsenal game would go in a shot. Anyone booked up for a game yet? Would be interested in details of packages available, cost, location, what's included...
  13. badgerbee

    BBC or ITV for Final??

    Judging by comments about Matterface during the tournament, I'm anticipating a landslide!!! 😁😁 BBC for me btw!! 😁😁
  14. badgerbee

    Do you Want England or Denmark to Win?

    :D Vote here please!!!!
  15. badgerbee

    Wales v Denmark

    Both of our boys start on the bench again..... Come on Denmark!!!!
  16. badgerbee

    England v Romania

    Not great, again..... Not sure which not to watch, this, or the cricket......😐
  17. badgerbee

    Best Ever Week as a Bee?

    I never thought the week of the Fulham 4-0, followed by the 1-0 at Peterborough to win us the Division 3 title, and the celebrations at GP afterwards, would be surpassed In my 'career' of supporting our club. Probably due to a combination of my age at the time, the number of games I went to, and...
  18. badgerbee

    Champions League Final 2021

    Apparently this is on Saturday too.......
  19. badgerbee

    Fortress Lionel Road??

    Suffice to say the backing created yesterday was instrumental in getting us over the line, and there seems to be general agreement that a full LR will create an even more hostile atmosphere from next season. Considering the issues other club's have had moving grounds, our record this season in...
  20. badgerbee

    Referee Watch 2020/2021

    Doesn't seem to be one of these threads for this season, so posting this question here. What's the deal these days with players blocking/delaying the keeper getting rid of the ball quickly? Reading did it last night, and I've seen Toney do it 'for us' on numerous occasions this season. I'm...
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