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    "Vile Chants" on Train Back from Liverpool

    Other than the phrase ‘batty boy’ towards the end (I thought that phrase went out with Ali G twenty odd years ago) nothing offensive can be heard. However, based on the persons tweet (and others that seem to corroborate on his Twitter) it would seem the offensive singing etc was happening for a...
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    Final Score Liverpool 3 Brentford 0

    You’re broadly correct but there are exceptions… Leicester have only been in the premier league for 5-6 years and have managed to win a league title and an FA Cup.
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    Tickets Everton (A) FA Cup ST + 1,200 TAPS Tue 15:00

    Thanks. Even more disappointing then
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    Tickets Everton (A) FA Cup ST + 1,200 TAPS Tue 15:00

    Hmmmm that’s disappointing. Did the club have to pay for them up front and lose any money on unsold tickets?
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    Tickets Everton (A) FA Cup ST + 1,200 TAPS Tue 15:00

    Any explanation as to why?
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    Today my "other team" will be.....

    Everton and a draw (Newcastle vs Watford)
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    Everton (A) FA Cup R4 Sat 5th Feb 15:00

    Wow lucky lad, a far more glamorous (footballing wise) first away day than most of us will have had. Hope he has a great day mate.
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    Score Centre 2021/2022

    So long as the three doesn’t include BFC I’ll be happy.
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    Liverpool v Bees predictions…

    Definitely not
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    Things Others Say About Brentford FC

    I wasn’t intending to be pessimistic just realistic. You use Coventry as an example but they have spent the last few years with significant financial issues and in the lowest echelons of the football league despite their many years of top flight football up to the end of the last century. In...
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    Things Others Say About Brentford FC

    Depends how far in to the future we’re looking though. I agree that our set up should mean we don’t fall below mid table championship for thw foreseeable, however, football is cyclical… for those of us in our 30s-40s or even younger we hope to have another 40+ years following our great club, I...
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    Strong Rumour Christian Eriksen

    I agree with the sentiment about certain people on here knowing more than the press about our transfers etc but you must have not spent much time online if you didn’t read anything about our pursuit and purchase of Toney.
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    The Sale of Newcastle United

    Oh right, that all sounds very dramatic.
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    The Sale of Newcastle United

    Am I missing something or just being slow? I don’t understand this at all.
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    The Sale of Newcastle United

    I’m not saying he would activate the clause or even that it exists just that questions of ‘why his income should suffer’ potentially didn’t align with what Lingfield was suggesting might be in place. However, whilst clearly the money is what’s attracted him to Newcastle, he may well be genuine...
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    Maxime Colin (Birmingham City)

    Some of those have aged well. Particularly enjoyed the one suggesting we were now certainties to go down to league one
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    The Sale of Newcastle United

    I don’t think Lingfield means a clause (in the club’s favour) that reduces his salary in the eventuality of relegation he means one (in the players favour) that allows Trippier to leave should they be relegated.
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    FA Cup 2021/22 (R4 Feb 4/5/6 )

    At BCS, ideally the Friday night game for an under the lights encounter.
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