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    "Vile Chants" on Train Back from Liverpool

    Totally gutted to read these tweets last night even more so as we were getting so much praise from the Liverpool fans for the atmosphere we created in the ground and the positiveness of our song choices. Was surprised that the BTP were not waiting at Euston for those that bought shame onto our...
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    Email from Jon Varney re Away Fans in Home Areas

    Actually Steve i see it the other way. Firstly... A Golden memember would pay the same as they do now... Secondly it was anticipated that Golden members would have first opportunity to buy matchday tickets. The other memembership bands would have a lesser chance of tickets... Probably no...
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    Email from Jon Varney re Away Fans in Home Areas

    I cant think of a one size fits all solution. Having 40k members isnt the answer. The paramaters would have to be reset each year but for starters... Golden Membership. - 1000 taps - £40 Full Membership 100 - 999 taps - £30 Associate Membership 0 - 99 taps £20 Junior Membership - £10 (priority...
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    Email from Jon Varney re Away Fans in Home Areas

    The whole situation is a conundrum. A lot of the possible solutions do not fit well with me but something does have to be done. Season Tickets... A lot of ST are shared. It makes sense for some fans, those who work shifts for example who want to sit with a mate to have a ST and to lend it to...
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    Email from Jon Varney re Away Fans in Home Areas

    Probably just J instead of John but cc enquires as well
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    Email from Jon Varney re Away Fans in Home Areas

    @BIAS maybe members who attend (i.e use their tickets) for friendlies and cup games should be given a priority for access for league game tickets. The club could email these members (after attendance) with a code that they could entre into the ticketing system to redeem for an upcoming match.
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    Email from Jon Varney re Away Fans in Home Areas

    If you are not a member of BIAS then you should be... Its free to join. Join BIAS BIAS have done so much good in the past and the more members they have the stronger thier voice. Write to John Varney... Suggest the requirement to him and cc your email to BIAS so that they can consider making...
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    Email from Jon Varney re Away Fans in Home Areas

    If your doing that many games then tge club have a DUTY to givevyou first dibs of any new or reclaimed STs
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    Email from Jon Varney re Away Fans in Home Areas

    40,000 members is ridiculous. To think they have all paid £40 membership fee. If only 2000 members per game... Thats an average of 2 games per season... At £40 a pop... Thats £60 per game. Maybe be if a member with low taps only watched Arsenal at home this season then he should be barred...
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    Liverpool v Bees predictions…

    Liverpool 0 Brentford 1
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    Signed New Contract Pontus Jansson

    Really pleased with this signing. PJ is a great Leader and will continue to serve us well. Never thought we would cash in this January. Still expect us to sign the rumoured Malmo defender and for them to share our position, so that they can rest, rotate and adapt to the Prem.
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    Southampton (A) - Full game at 2230 not 2100 on Sky

    Is it certain that the game will be on or does this thread need a new title?
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    Strong Rumour Christian Eriksen

    We are just as likely to be in the scrape for a European place as we are for relegation. As you say wages might not be a consideration, especially if there has been an insurance pay out
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    Oxford United

    It looks a nice bit of land but how will tgey build it?
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    Rumour Brennan Johnson (Forest winger)

    Think that is the potential stumbling block... Forest or at least thier fans want what he is potentially worth. He is probably not worth that now and paying an inflated price means tgat he is no longer an attractive investment. If Forest believe in him that muxh then maybe they should negotiate...
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    Pete Hayward (West Wilts Bee) RIP

    Will there be a minutes applause in the 67th minute? Pete's support of the club and fundraising for BIAS and BU imho deserves that respect and honour
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    Southampton (A) - Full game at 2230 not 2100 on Sky

    Hoping that it is both on and that Sky now pick up the game to replace the recently postponed Everton vs Leicester game.
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    Pete Hayward (West Wilts Bee) RIP

    RIP Pete and condolences to his family. Pete was a Brentford legend, a BIAS and BU foot soldier who literally always went the extra mile. Pete was never a comittee man but always showed an interest on what was happening and was never affraid to offer support or to do the leg work. From the No...
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    Things Others Say About Brentford FC

    They can only buy the players we are willing to sell Most teams fail becuase they buy experience, players who already have the t-shirt. We still buy young and hungry players and as our recent injury problems have highlighted are capable of stepping up. We should also consider that a mid table...
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    Leigh Brill RIP

    RIP Leigh. Will never forget hows you came to my aid when i was attacked at Portsmouth.
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