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    Panini PL Brentford Stickers

    There have been swap meets before home games, hopefully another can be arranged before the Wolves home game
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    Panini PL Brentford Stickers

    The new stickers
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    Panini PL Brentford Stickers

    Brought 58 packs so far (28 were as a Christmas present!!) = 290 stickers of which now 60 are swaps - 3 legends so far from the lot - only 8 Bees which is joint lowest with Newcastle and way behind Palace with 16 - bring on the swap day when home to Wolves
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    Club Merchandise

    Some kit can be brought directly from Umbro
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    The Club Shop

    Some kit can be brought direct from Umbro
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    Team vs Arsenal

    With a front line of Wissa, Toney and Forss – just think of the headlines when we sting a few teams This Saturday morning headline “Arsenal say WTF after 3-0 defeat to the Bees !”
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    Griffin Park: Seats Removed (Gone to Farnham Town FC, Hallen AFC)

    So probably not allowed to stand on the pitch if a game is going ahead on the 26th, that’s a shame as would of liked that opportunity, just to of taken a pano photo on the phone.
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    Griffin Park: Seats Removed (Gone to Farnham Town FC, Hallen AFC)

    They should of removed the seats from either New Road of the Braemar paddock, so when our younger supporters do their GP visits they would of seen what it was like before seating was placed there and how it used to be years ago. I hope there’s still a pitch as now wondering if bringing a spade...
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    Final Match at Griffin Park - Your Thoughts

    Missing you loads already - ( taken before Blackburn this season)
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    Final Match at Griffin Park - Your Thoughts

    For all those memories of seeing Brentford play at Griffin Park it is with a very sad heart to have to say goodbye to the hallowed turf ‘The Mecca of third division football’ as my dad used to say. As we move onto a great new adventure into our new stadium knowing all who have supported...
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    Enter Your Own Results, Get a League Table

    Love this site, every time I update it we always finish top, Leeds drop to playoff’s, Fulham out of the play off’s and Reading relegated, happy days -
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    iFollow and Season Ticket Holders: Troubleshooting etc.

    Okay with a bit of help from technical support (my daughter) I think we have sussed it using the Brentford app on mobile phone We have the code on email sent and attempted numerous times to access the ifollow account and or creat a new account but kept having email not available We tried use...
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    Freight Rover Trophy Final 1985.

    Great feeling stuffing Newport country 6-0 to get there, but so let down on the day, anyway some photos's I took of the day, i don't have a scanner so had to take a photo of original on mobile -
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    Barnsley (H) - Members (750+ TAPs) ON SALE

    In all seriousness , if we do only make the play off’s BFC will only have about a week to sort tickets out for what will be our last game at home. As of now BFC are allowing two months in advance of our last game to purchase tickets in the fairest way possible. For the sake of all our nerves we...
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    GPG Supercomputer: ***After Preston(H)***

    Top 14 teams run in , West Brom look to have worst as have to play 8 of the top 14 teams away from home and only have 9 away games left
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    How Do We Fill Griffin Park?

    This one shows capacity
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    How to get Swansea Tickets (Even Though its "SOLD OUT")

    Ticket just brought for Ealing Road - it's working, thanks Banana for the link and tip
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