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    Self generated Crises

    7 games in and a stream of posts questioning TFs future employment, the failure of the DOFs, the inadequacy of new recruits followed by posts about the must win nature of the game with Stoke. This is a self generated crisis without any substance.
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    Derby County Champagne Moment

    Lots today Said’s royal progress after being subbed Sergi’s stretch and pass for second goal Crowds reaction to Bryan’s goal
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    BBC wales

    Does anybody know what channel I need to enter on Sky to get this channel please. Many thanks
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    How do I get help from moderators

    Unfortunately I have forgotten my password details for the GPG. I can still get access on my phone but not on my laptop. I have written twice to the moderators with no response. Can someone help please?
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    Nott’m Forest (Away) 10 April ‘18

    Could not find a thread for this yet. Not sure how many will travel to this? I imagine if we win the next 3 games there will be a rush of interest. Never mind, tickets bought, hotel booked. Whatever happens a good day out for myself and Mrs BB on our way oop north from Devon.
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    Nott'm Forest Home

    I could not find a thread so apologies if duplicating Booked tickets , train, hotel today. Fabulous.
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    Really Annoying to Book Seats that are Restricted View

    Living 250 miles away I gave up my season ticket this year. For Saturdays match I bought 2 tickets on line for my wife and I almost as soon as they went on sale. Drove up Saturday morning and was really annoyed that from our New Road seats the whole of the Wendy House goal was obscured by a...
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    Urgent info

    Can I get a ticket for the game at the ground d this evening son suddenly wants to be there
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    Pre Match food

    Please do not shout at me but Mrs BB and I do not usually go for a beer or food before games at GP preferring to stop on the drive home. However on Saturday our youngest is meetjng us ti come to the game and suggested getting somethjng to eat in a pub beforehand. Apart from MacDonalds where else...
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    Only Positive Comments Allowed

    There used to be a thread where one could take refuge from the depressing rants when we were struggling in Div 3 but I could not find it so have created this one. I am so tired of the negativity currently circulating so lets have a look at the facts - This time last season we had signed Jota...
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    Jerry Collins

    What a tragedy this guy has been killed. A colossus and a player of such skill, pace and inventiveness, a joy to watch. Such a loss. RIP
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    Questions to the DoFs & interview on YouTube

    I thought they were answering them this week, have I missed it?
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    Nottingham Forest - Accounts

    A stark example of how the traditional approach to running a club is just a one way street comes in the Notts Forest financial results just published. They have followed the traditional route of allowing successive Managers (5 in 4 years excluding Freedman) to mould 'their team' each time ie...
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    Bees v Forest Champagne Moment

    For me Pritch lording it in front of us and the Forest fans after the penalty. Knew it was safe then and we had stuffed the big boys again on merit.
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    Where is Sammy Saunders

    I am confused as to no mentions of Sam from the club, what is the issue with him? it's a bit worrying.
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    Restricted View Tickets

    Whilst I am a fan of the new on-line ticketing system I was very annoyed on Saturday when the tickets I bought for New Road put myself and my wife in seats where the the whole of the Brook Road goal was obscured by a pillar. Luckily to my left were a few empty seats so we were able to move up...
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    Rod Stewart tickets available THIS EVENING at Britannia

    I have 2 really good seats for Rod Stewart at the Britannia Stadium THIS EVENING as I have a virus and my wife has had a fall so we cannot go. Any reasonable offer accepted. I live between banbury and Oxford so could go a reasonable distance to deliver
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    Brazils Win - lucky or dubious

    Not sure where this fits but had to write something. The awarding of that ridiculous penalty by the Japanese ref was outrageous - given all the spot and match fixing allegations flying around it really stinks. The fawning press and TV and FIFA got the result they wanted. An utter discgrace. I...
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    HELP Bees v Orient on TV in Brussels

    Nightmare. I am now in Brussels on the day of the Orient match. Worse still the game is on the same time as England's 6 nations match with Italy. Does anyone know of a bar that would give preference to football and show the Bees. If not Brussels we could get to Brugges or Ghent. Please please help
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    Never seen a pre-season like it

    Is anybody else feeling a bit shell shocked by what is happening at Brentford? It's as if someone has snuck in and committed identity theft. Where is that struggling unfashionable club that celebrated the arrival of the likes of Isiah Rankin (no offence)? There are people with vision, money and...
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