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    Álvaro Fernández

    He's not smaller, he's just further away! :ROFLMAO:
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    Phil Giles

    Very tempted to wade in, but sounds like politics to me
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    Álvaro Fernández

    Sure but that is a product of how we set up. None of the players outside the box are covered. So yes maybe the tactics share some of the blame, or maybe the thought is that we set up that way because to score from 20 yards it needs to be a worldy. It wasnt.
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    Álvaro Fernández

    Ball is on the 6 yard line , he is badly set and hasnt started diving yet. he has visibility of it for at least 8 yards. Shot wasnt especially hard, hit the ground which took pace off it.
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    Sergi Canós

    This graph only plots ariel duels, not tackles. Wouldnt expect Sergi to do well on that basis, indeed, how many ariel 'duels' does he actually compete in. He has headed the ball clear from the penalty area plenty of times, but not sure these would count as ariel duels
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    Strong Rumour Christian Eriksen

    We have sadly lacked scoring from out of the box in the last few seasons. For all the goals that Ollie and Ivan score in the previous 2 seasons, only one came from outside the box. JDS is really the only one who offers that regularly (though might expect more from Ghoddos and Baptiste) Much as...
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    Things Others Say About Brentford FC

    Lets not get on billy big bollox. It may well be. All the more reason to enjoy the ride while we can.
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    Games at Bradford Park Avenue

    Interesting that there are 2 Bees on the goal kick? In which case where is the wall> What I assume is the linesman is also in a strange position Anyway, dont fret, its going wide
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    Tickets Liverpool (A)

    Also looking for one, ST holder with 3000+ TAPS.......couldnt go originally cos of mates 60th b'day, then his daughter got COVID....
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    Strong Rumour Christian Eriksen

    An interesting question, if it is just 6 months, is what is in it for us, if you make the assumption that we will stay up without him. Sure as a fan it wold be great to watch him, but he would be pushing out one of our midfielders, and they would be our future (next season) not him. Dont get me...
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    Rumour Mehmet Can Aydin (Mid/Def, Schalke 04)

    I cant be bothered to look at how they come up with this, but was surprised to see us above, Rangers, Leeds, Soton, Celtic, Burnley, Watford, Newcastle. QPR are 210th
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    Purchasing next years season ticket?

    £100 on ST will bring in circa £1.5m. Not gonna make that much difference to our competitiveness on the pitch TBH
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    Best Bees Moments In Pictures

    You know when....
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    FiveThirtyEight Predicted Table 2021/2

    This is true, but remember if say Newcastle do start winning, they will be taking points of other teams that are below us
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    Racist Incident v Man City (H)

    So white people cannot be the victim of racism because of the colour of the skin? You do realise that in of itself is a racist statement. I make no excuse for racism of any sort. When I saw this picture and others from the City gallery it (and others) bought tears to my eyes. But white people...
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    Tickets Aston Villa (H)

    We have a spare adult ticket in North Stand, if anyone interested pm me
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    Brentford vs Man City Champagne Moments

    Wasn't just the West Stand
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    Mads Roerslev Rasmussen

    Interesting as well, from Fernandez kicks, Ethan took up the rwb position to receive the ball, Mads droppped into CB, Obvioulsy learned from the Watford game that wasnt playing to his strengths. Another exampl of great obsevation and coaching
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    Panini PL Brentford cards

    I bought a complete set of Bees cards off ebay. Would like to frame them, anyone done that and can recommend a frame of the right size. 18 cards IIRC though could ditch the line up one and the badge if I had to to make it fit. Jensen as well obvs :fishing: Calm down I love Jensen and...
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    Myles Peart-Harris

    If we are 4 down with 15 to go I would give him a run out
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