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    Final Score Liverpool 3 Brentford 0

    What a pass from norgaard
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    Final Score Liverpool 3 Brentford 0

    Stay onside!!!
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    Final Score Liverpool 3 Brentford 0

    I think baptiste has done ok
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    Final Score Liverpool 3 Brentford 0

    Suddenly playing some football
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    Final Score Liverpool 3 Brentford 0

    We seem unable to pass the ball
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    Sergi Canós

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    Sergi Canós

    Totally agree. Time for him to influence games from the bench. We know he’s got a lot to offer but he doesn’t deserve a place in the starting 11 atm. Need Rico back ASAP
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    Ivan Toney

    Good post. I think it’s injury or after effects of COVID, certainly not that he’s been found out at this level, as he’s been magnificent at times this season, unplayable in spells against some of the best defences in Europe. But something is wrong, that was a seriously poor performance tonight...
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    MotM Man of the match v Southampton (A) 11-1-22

    Bryan. I thought the rest were pretty poor this evening tbh.
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    General January 2022 Window

    Totally agree, he has real quality, just needs to find a way to influence a game for longer periods. But if he stays fit that will come, and he will become a key player for us. I’d certainly not be concerned about a midfield of him, norgaard and Janelt. All young, all improving fast at a new...
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    General January 2022 Window

    I thought we were pretty good throughout the second half, certainly by the time the subs started coming on.
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    General January 2022 Window

    Totally agree, tho I think both Bryan and Vitaly have shown real promise and can develop further.
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    MotM Man Of The Match v Aston Villa (h) 2-1-22

    Norgaard second half boss as usual, and all three subs made a difference but I’m going for Fernandez, dealt with most things that came his way and a fantastic reflex save. Fair play to him
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    Mathias Jensen

    I think you’re right. Jensen’s set pieces have actually been better this season than in the championship, where he was IMO regularly woeful, but still not good enough. I think delivery from mbuemo and Janet is usually far better than Jensen but neither was available vs city, so no option for...
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    Over-rated Players

    Most overrated I’ve seen in recent years is Matic, got away with doing very little for years.
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    Over-rated Players

    TBF it’s the wrong team for him, he’s clearly not encouraged to take his man on, the imperative at City is to keep possession and get rid of the ball, backwards if necessary. He was arguably the most exciting attacking player in the league last season, you don’t become a poor player overnight...
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    Dominic Thompson

    His tackle was brilliant and was a turning point for him, did ok after that but surely not man of the match?? But pleased he improved from Boxing Day and played his part in a team performance that deserves huge credit. I really don’t want to sound negative about such an inexperienced player but...
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    Final Score Brentford 0 Manchester City 1 Att 17,009

    I thought we were superb tonight in the first half, simply unbelievable performance from that depleted lineup. Really proud of them. Couldn’t get the ball off them second half. Man City were not a good watch, endless recycling of the ball, I really hope Liverpool win the title, I would luv...
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    MotM Man of the match v Manchester City (h) 29-12-21

    Frank the Tank followed by Ethan
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