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    5-0 away win

    After beating Preston 5-0 away on Saturday, we were discussing when was the last time we won an away game 5-0. Looking through my records, I couldn't dlfind a 5-0 away win. Does anyone know the last time we won 5-0 away? (Three fairly recent 5-1 away wins with the last at Hull last season).
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    Is it 7 subs for the new season?

    Does anyone know if the substitute rules are reverting to 3 sub's from 7 rather than 5 sub's from 9.? Premier league is reverting back. Are we?
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    Doug Scott

    Bees fan Doug Scott died on 27th February 2019 having suffered a stroke on 12th February. My Dad (Frank) first met Doug on the Griffin Park terraces some 30 years ago and they have stood together ever since. I’ve stood with them for the last 9 years. Doug’s last game was the FA Cup replay win...
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    Brentford- Best In The League

    While most football fans moan about their team,I'm as guilty as the next Bees fan, maybe is Brentford fans should be more grateful. For Brentford are the only current Football League team to finish in the top half of whatever League they've been in for each of the last 10 years. 08/09- League 2...
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    Gary Towse

    Former reserve team goalkeeper in 1973/74. Is now goalkeeping coach for Folkestone Invicta in the Bostik League.
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    2017-18 season DVD

    Does anyone know if the club are producing a 2017-18 DVD? Last season, it didn't come out until October, but the year before, it came out in August.
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    Pre-Season Friendlies 2018

    We were told on Sunday by one of the stewards that the first arranged pre-season friendly is on Saturday 28th July vs Watford. Kick off 3pm.
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    Thermos Flasks, iPads etc Now Banned from Griffin Park

    On entering the ground last Saturday, our bag was searched as usual. The steward then said that this was the last time we would be allowed in with a thermos flask as the EFL had issued a new directive to all clubs banning them. My Dad has been taking a thermos flask into games at GP for 50...
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    Brentford 2016/17 DVD

    Was at the ground yesterday buying our tickets for the Norwich cup tie (yes I know we're mad), and went in the club shop. Asked about the DVD for 2016/17 season and was told that it wouldn't be out until late September or early October (last years was out in August). Really surprised its out...
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    900 UP

    Well done to my Dad, Frank Coumbe, who attended his 900th Consecutive Brentford home league game against Brighton on Sunday. He hasn’t missed a League game at Griffin Park since 1977. He has attended about twice that number in total including aways, FA Cup, League Cup, Trophy, Play-Offs...
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    Tom Field - Signs to June 2020

    Signed a new 3 and a half year deal.
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    Ilias Chatzitheodoridis - Brentford B - signs to June 2019
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    Warren Gravette

    Warren Gravette, 5 league appearances for the Bees in 1987/88, jailed for 10 years.
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    Robert Rowan

    Saw in the programme on Saturday in the Who's Who section Head of Football Operations- Robert Rowan. Does anyone know anything about him and what his job entails? I haven't seen any details of this appointment on the Official Site.
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    When is the ticket office open to buy play off tickets?

    After today's game, the queue was a mile long. Is the ticket office open tomorrow or Monday? There is nothing on the official site except to say tickets are guaranteed for season ticket holders until Tuesday 10am (don't have the facility to order online).
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    The "Fulhamification" of our Club

    Since I have been coming to GP, Gilham has always read out the teams for the first time about 45 minutes before kick off. The last 4 games has seen the first read out of the teams delayed until 15 minutes before kick off. Does anyone know why this is now the case?
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    Have we got too many players?

    With the signings of Jota and Jon Toral, we now have 30 first team squad professionals plus 11 in the development squad plus approximately 20 in the juniors (under 18's). I know Calvet; Adams; Clarke are available for loan, but surely we need to shed a few more. Does anyone agree with me as...
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    Shaun O'Connor leaves his position as Brentford FC Head of Academy recruitment. Shaun O'Connor has left Brentford to join Arsenal.
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    Richard Lee

    Why wasn't Richard sub on Saturday? Is he injured? If so, I'm worried about the cover for Button.
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