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    Liverpool champagne moment

    Getting off the coach after an epic 5hr return journey. Buying a pint or two of Fosters to celebrate.
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    Food and drink options at BCS

    At Spurs, the pints were filled via a one way valve in the base of the cup, by pressing the cup down onto an outlet containing the different drinks. This allowed for quickly poured fresh beer not been left on the Shelf. No pun intended.
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    Emiliano Marcondes (AFC Bournemouth)

    He will always be a hero for the Brentford faithful. He could be sold to Aldershot for 10 Bob. Emilino secured promotion to the EPL. Love him.
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    Colin Ryan RIP - 17th minute applause

    RIP Colin. Let's get the 3 points just for you.
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    This one’s for you…

    Ian Webb. Brentford fanatic.
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    Brentford 1-1 Swansea

    Sergi or Canos? Are they not the same player?
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    Things that have disappeared from football matches

    Never collected them personally, the vouchers on the back of football programmes for getting tickets at sell out games. Don't think Brentford ever got into a position to Warren their use!
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    Bees 3 (Forss, Benrahma(2)) Fulham 0

    What day did Christmas Day fall on Boxing Day?
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    Watching Barnsley game in pubs at Brentford

    Stripes bar would be a good option.
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    Leeds United - 2018/2019 - Ticket Issues

    Whilst waiting outside the ground on Easter Monday, I saw a tout selling tickets to anyone who wanted one, for a good price for him. I know this chap and asked him where he got so many tickets from. His reply was “I know the bird in the office” So it wasn’t only fans selling tickets!
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    Thomas Frank

    Is that 25 points in Jan 2020? 😉
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    Andy Piper RIP

    RIP Andy, going to miss you mate.
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    Barnsley Away 28/4/18 (Free Coaches - some spaces available)

    Virgin East Coast trains have a sale this week. £30 return from Feltham with travel card.
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    Champagne moment V Notts County

    At least I can book up for Sunderland away now, the only thing that can go wrong now apart from the result, is Sky or Bt!
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    Middlesbrough (a)

    Lunatic Middlesbrough supporter decided to cling onto the external departing train doors at the station. The guard stopped the train, delaying it's departure by 20 minutes. This seemed to have a knock on effect on all the rest of the journey home!
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    Champagne moment V QPR (League Cup)

    Listening to the editor of a top rated Brentford FC fanzine, mumbling about the team selection on the way to the ground, seemed to do alright to me!
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    Champagne moment v Ipswich

    The bottled IPA and steak and ale pie before kick off was very nice.
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    Middlesborough (A) 30th Sept

    Kings X to Middlesbrough €34.50 with travel card. Virgin East Coast via Darlington!
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    Champagne moment V Huddersfield

    Not having to listen to Peter Gilham pumping the Italian restaurant when Brentford scored. Though I wished that they had scored more then Huddersfield!!
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    Bees vs Rovrum Champagne Moment (with added cocktails during last orders at the bar)

    Pretty sure his talking about an Italian restaurant, either we are not scoreing enough home goals or we are all hard of hearing?
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