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    Strong Rumour Christian Eriksen

    Apparently the agent is stalling this … He wants Newcastle 💰 . Eriksen wife wants Bees as in London
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    Tickets Everton (A) FA Cup ST + 1,200 TAPS Tue 15:00

    Train tickets were £35 return yesterday. Now £62… should of risked it before the foreign tv schedule
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    Álvaro Fernández

    He seems to be lacking of hands , in which is essential for keeping.
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    Strong Rumour Mykhailo Mudryk (Midfielder, Shakhtar Donetsk)

    Sign him at all costs. We have 0 creativity at the moment. Missing the days of BMW when we could expect pure genius out of nothing . Even like when we first signed Jota.
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    NEWS West Stand to become Safe Standing

    If plastic seats stop all this trouble, maybe we should replace the incompetent police with plastic seats ?
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    Food and drink options at BCS

    At GP, atleast 6of us used to have 2 pints pre match in the hive and 1-2 at half time. With the state of the beer in the new ground, we now all refuse to purchase it. Speaking with others we are not the only group. A lot of the lost revenue over a season. Brighton away may of been poor on the...
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    NEWS West Stand to become Safe Standing

    Why do people like sitting still, being silent and looking bored all game
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    Travel Liverpool (A) New Date; Sunday 16th Jan 2pm ko

    Sounds like a night out in Liverpool on the Saturday and an even later return from Liverpool on the Sunday. Good last minute result
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    Is there a fire drill?

    As soon as he gave the penalty , I was off to the warm comfort of the pub
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    Food and drink options at BCS

    No lids for the tea’s last night. Apparently the club had no lids in stock according to someone behind the till. Found this out the hard way when someone spilt a scalding hot drink over me
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    The first football club to be inclusive for Fatties!

    Please see below, just in case you need two seats instead of one!
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    Tickets Port Vale (A)

    I’m not that bothered if I do miss out to be honest , would rather go with all my mates to this one than just two of us
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    Tickets Port Vale (A)

    I’m on 4,400 , 1 my other mates on 4000 but rest are on 3890-3700 , so will have to wait.
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    Tickets Port Vale (A)

    The away end holds 4000, why would the threshold be so high. Why do the club never put allocation up anymore
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    Tickets Southampton (A)

    One ticket face value , collection from chertsey
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    Tickets Liverpool (A)

    Allocations only about 2000
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    Stewarding / Crowd Behaviour at Spurs

    Had to undo my jacket aswell 😂
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    Stewarding / Crowd Behaviour at Spurs

    You’ll refund me my £30 then ?
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    Stewarding / Crowd Behaviour at Spurs

    Went to enter stand after half time and asked to check my ticket . When I went to grab it I had realised I had lost it/dropped it. Which then led to me being told I had ‘jibbed’ the away end, had no right to be there and I had to leave immediately. Three stewards then grabbed me from behind and...
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