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    Fans' Remembrance Game 2020 (vs Wolves, 22 Jan)

    Surely with today being the first home game of 2022, it should have been our traditional Fans Remembrance Game. Gutted that i couldnt pay my respects to the three people i personally knew.
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    Drums at GP

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    Hey Jude is even better

    Hey Jude has had a proper reimergence since lock down. In the four games I have attended at Lionel Road, virtually the whole crowd have sung a long, loud and proud. I've seen emotion, tears in the eyes of those returning to football. The song is no longer in the back ground, with fans now...
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    Alternative to penalties

    Football is a team game and deciding the winners of a tournament on penalties, especially after two years of competition seams harsh and unfair. Wondered if it would be better to withdraw two players from each team and play Extra time with 9 a-side. Still a team game with hopefully more chance...
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    Michael "Paddy" Patten RIP

    Heard the sad news today from Yorick that his brother, Brentford fan Micheal Patten, or 'Paddy' as he was known on the terraces, passed away today. Paddy used to run the unofficial coaches from Hounslow Bus Garage. RIP Paddy
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    Boat to West Ham United

    Do you think we can get a boat or two up the River Lea? Is it navigable from the Thames?
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    Premier League Finances (Parachute Refunds, Covid Tax, Minimum Income etc.)

    With Norwich and Watford returning to the Premier League, their allocated Parachute payments for the next few seasons will be redisributed amongst the Premier League clubs Wonder how much our twentieth share is worth?
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    Champagne Moments celebrating Promotion

    The whole day was massive but seeing Kew Bridge lit up with red flares in the celebrations caped the night for me.
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    Lionel Road Roar

    Reading the What Other Fans Say About Us thread there is a link to the Blackpool forum, where a Blackpool fan said you could here the roar of the crowd in Dulwich. Now that seams far fetched to me but Dulwich is a pretty random place to pull out of the hat. I know the roar of the crowd at GP...
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    Fans Protesting Inside Old Trafford - Match Postponed

    Scenes on the actual pitch at Old Trafford where the pitch was invaded prior to today's game against Liverpool. Little kids holding their parents hands, others letting off green flares. The ref has been turned away by fans outside and the teams are stuck in their hotels. The police are trying...
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    Happy Saint RaRa's Day

    West London is Red. Time for a celebratory tipple
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    Stoke at home

    Mine started at half time. A Swansea fan on Facebook asked if Brentford were sh*tting their pants. I didn't reply as I knew that we would tire Stoke in the second half and that with the nature of their fixture, BC could cause an upset. Didn't quite go to plan at first with the Swans going s...
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    Green Gloves and Knee Pads

    After last nights game. I think if we get promoted our forwards shoul wear green knee pads and green gloves. VAR leaves a lot to be desired. I didnt even leave my chair last night when Toney scored knowing that it would be VAR checked. The excitement has gone... The game has gone
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    Cup Winners Cup

    I knew we beat Portsmouth to win the London War Cup but didnt realise that a week later we played Wolverhampton Wanderers the winners of the League (War Cup) The match finished a 1 all draw and the Cup Winners Cup was therefore shared.
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    Champagne moment against Newcastle

    The realisation that we are in a semi... Holding our own against a Newcastle first team Bur for me its... Knowing that if our cup games against premier league sides were Premiership matches we would be out of the bottom three with loads of games in hand
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    Fans Remembrance game

    Have the club made an announcement yey with regards to this seasons Fans Remembrance game? Traditional it is hedld on the first league game of the New Year which would be Bristol City. Ive not seen anything requesting the names of the people to be remembered and with the programmes being...
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    We are...

    We are the North Stand, We are the North Stand, We are the North Stand, Far Kew A little ditty for our long awaited new stadium
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    Fulham (League Cup) Champagne Moments

    Benrahmas nutmegs Getting to the fifth round Realising that we would be 4th in the Premier League table with 7 points from Fulham, WBA and Southampton
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    GP beam back

    With limited crowds allowed in stadia when football returns the club should seriously consider beeming games the games back to GP. I know the ground will be demolished but they could start with the two ends so that fans can watch the screens from the two sides. The club should also look at...
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    Happy St Ra Ra's Day

    Wishing all Bees Fans a Happy St Ra Ra's day for the 19/20 season
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