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    Tickets Manchester United (H) SOLD OUT

    No it has gone.
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    Across the Seas But Forever Bees-An American Brentford Podcast

    Very good first podcast. Sure does feel strange to hear two people with strong American accents discuss Brentford Football Club. :)
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    Tickets Manchester United (H) SOLD OUT

    As I am unable to attend the rearranged fixture (much to my heartbreak), I have an Adult ticket for sale, face value 45 pounds, S106, Row 3. Let me know via dm.
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    Across the Seas But Forever Bees-An American Brentford Podcast

    i.e. Dallas, TX. "It's just a bus stop in Dallas" :)
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    Things Others Say About Brentford FC

    Really hoping for a "things others say about Brentford FC" on this thread soon...................:backtotopic:
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    Pete Hayward (West Wilts Bee) RIP

    Glad he got to see that great win .
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    Hey Jude is even better

    and the Villa game.
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    Hey Jude is even better

    The two home games I went to over the Christmas period Hey Jude was ruined (IMHO) because they played it loud over the intercom and you couldn't hear the fans. What they need to do is start it, and then let the fans take over.
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    The Athletic, Bees Journo Jay Harris

    The Athletic has just been acquired by the New York Times for $550 million.
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    Thomas Frank

    Curiouser and curiouser..........
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    Things Others Say About Brentford FC

    yeah, for a minute there I thought we were playing swansea...............
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    Yoane Wissa

    Villa had 2, sometimes 3 players on Toney all game. They were obsessed with him.
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    Final Score Brentford 0 Manchester City 1 Att 17,009

    Hard to do when most of these referees are on first name terms with the players of the top 6 teams. For gods sake referees, these teams have every advantage already, you don't have to give them more!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Brentford vs Man City Champagne Moments

    Several from me: 1. Perfect antidote from the Brighton game 2. Team playing out of their shirts for the full 90 minutes 3. Thomas Frank masterclass 4. Folen mouthing "I think I was offside" after his goal (saw that on the replays). 5. City's 2nd being chalked off by var 6. The Ole's...
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    Dominic Thompson

    Played right in front of me in the second half (S106) and I couldn't believe how well he played and contained Jesus. Came of age today. When he was replaced by Ghoddos Jesus promptly beat him at the line and got into the box, highlighting how well Dominic held him off.
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    QPR the mediocre club that keeps on giving

    Apparently Bournemouth fans were singing "you're just a bus stop in Brentford" to the QPha fans last night. :)
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    Neal Maupay (Brighton & HA)

    Love that he often displays a london twang by swapping the "th" for "f".
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    Things Others Say About Brentford FC

    To be honest, I'd take a 4 nil defeat as a very respectable result against a team scoring 5, 6 and 7 goals a game, given our depleted squad for the game.
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    Neal Maupay (Brighton & HA)

    Is that the Irish version of the French geezer who used to play for us?
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