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    Final Score Liverpool 3 Brentford 0

    Shouldn't be a problem if it's fully recovered. Definitely would be if not .
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    Final Score Southampton 4 Brentford 1 (Janelt)

    Taking up refereeing. He's been garbage since he started
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    Final Score Southampton 4 Brentford 1 (Janelt)

    Happens all the time. Refs don't bother any more.
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    Final Score Brentford 2 (Wissa, Roerslev) Aston Villa 1 Att: 16,876

    Not that different to Sat 3.00pm. We managed them for years. 2pm gives more time in pubs, less traffic & parking issues, daylight travel. I like them.
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    Final Score Brighton 2 - 0 Bees

    Done about 20 in my playing days many years ago. Horrible injury.
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    13 Covid Cases at BFC / Southampton POSTPONED

    Let them pay for their own treatment if they finish up in hospital.
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    Final Score Leeds 2 - 2 Bees (Baptiste, Canos)

    That's what winds me up about refs today. Yellow card for that & they miss the blatant dangerous still that goes on
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    Team vs Leeds (A)

    Probably lost in translation. He doesn't speak a word of English.
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    Final Score Newcastle United 3 Brentford 3 (Toney, Henry, OG)

    I was about to say the same. You beat me to it.
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    Final Score Bees (Henry) 1-2 Norwich (Att: 16,837)

    I've just put a similar comment on another thread.
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    Wiki Bees Season 2021/22 TV Coverage. All You Need to Know

    Hope we got more mentions than on Match of the Day. It was all Norwich & sacking their manager.
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    MotM Man of the Match v Burnley (A)

    Ghoddos getting lots of votes on this. Perhaps he needs a run in the side rather than regular bench warming.
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    Final Score Burnley 3 - 1 Brentford (Ghoddos)

    It's Jon Moss. Didn't expect anything else.
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    Chelsea (H) Champagne Moment

    Seeing a top player like Lukaku substituted against little Brentford.
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    B team Fixtures 2021-22

    Why does it have to be behind closed doors? I used to enjoy afternoon games at Jersey Rd.
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    Sergi Canos’s shin pads

    And no credit to the security bloke who gave them to a stranger. What right did he have to do that?
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    Final Score EFL Cup R3 Bees 7 - 0 Oldham

    If I remember we needed 6 to get a 100 for the season. After going 4 0 up at half time we ended up hanging on for a win.
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    Things Others Say About Brentford FC

    The annoying thing for me was I believe the lino flagged (wrongly) for offside and the handball wasn't noticed until VAR got involved. Does this mean they scrutinize for anything rather than the actual incident the lino flagged for?He was too far away to see handball
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