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    Covid Football "Break"?

    Testers working overtime.
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    The Ashes 2021/22

    Getting close now. Weather forecast for Brisbane: Rain tends to come in downpours in Brisbane rather than slow and steady, so not sure how much play will actually be lost. Fully expect a greentop though.
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    General Cricket Thread

    Patel was already my new favourite cricketer after he resolutely blocked out for a draw against Ashwin and Jadeja last week. All ten wickets is incredible against a pub XI, let alone Kohli, Rahane, Pujara et al.
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    Team vs Spurs (A)

    Stand to be corrected but believe Canos has now picked up too many yellow cards.
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    Score Centre 2021/2022

    Thought the winter ball was for visibility when it's some combination of overcast, low cloud, weak or no sunshine, early twilight, rain..... They should have an orange ball for snow games. Not like they couldn't make loads of replicas and sell them.
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    Red Card of the weekend

    From the other night. Azerbaijani fella gets a little over-eager here.
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    Burnley vs Bees predictions

    2-0 to us. Need a good start. Their crowd will be on their back if it's not going well for them.
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    EFL Cup R4 : Stoke(A) Weds Oct 27th 19:45

    :confused: Listing has: Preston v Liverpool West Ham v Manchester City Hibernian v Celtic
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    James Maddison

    Think it was Jacqui Oatley doing the comms on the international feed yesterday? (They never actually tell you.) She put it far more politely, but in effect she said the reason he's not in England squads is because he absolutely fails the no dickheads clause.
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    Final Score Bees 1 (Zanka) - Leicester City 2 Att 16,814

    Completely on top... just a very good hit by an excellent footballer. The fact he's done little else is down to us.
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    Final Score Bees 1 (Zanka) - Leicester City 2 Att 16,814

    Anyone else getting really tired of James Madison?
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    The Ashes 2021/22

    Bairstow made a hundred in the same innings as Malan at the WACA, 2017/18. Then we collapsed.
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    West Ham United - Off the pitch

    Even better, a goalie who was at Leeds during the Ridsdale era. How many shares should we put you down for?
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    Final Score West Ham 1 Brentford 2 (Mbeumo, Wissa) ATT: 59,889

    Word on Baptiste, hope it's a mild dislocation or similar and there's no long-term effects. We lost our groove when he was forced off, he was allowing Norgaard the freedom to have a heavy influence.
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    Derby County - Financial Problems

    Here's Richard Keogh on the infamous car accident and aftermath.
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    Derby County - Financial Problems

    Just a stone's throw from the City Ground. Perfect for everyone, they can goad each other to their heart's content and blather on about past glories while everyone else gets on with the present.
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    Championship 21/22

    Just watched the roundup of the weekend's games. After seeing Notts Forest's away kit, I wish I hadn't.
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    General Euro 2020 News

    Also someone (Griezmann) in a proper long-sleeved shirt. Bring them back, I say.
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    Media coverage of The Big Match

    Great on cricket too. He got a lot of stick on the Football Ramble podcast over who he'd support when we play Man Utd. (It's so much fun writing sentences like that!)
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    Media coverage of The Big Match
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