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    Our lovely friend! So lucky to have known you! I’ve never known someone to be so passionate and loyal about something as your were about BFC! The back of the New Road stand will sure to be a lot quieter without you shouting at the oppositions manager/linesman/referee! RIP Trish! I will treasure...
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    Family Open Day

    They were up in the Executive lounge near to the boardroom... We found them by chance and went straight in with no queues! DB said they hadn't had many visitors!
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    Champagne moment V Chelsea (away)

    I was sat behind these idiots with my husband and our 5 year old son, they were an absolute disgrace... i appreciate that swearing is part and parcel of football but it was every other word with these idiots, the cut throat signs aswell was unbelievable and i find it difficult to comprehend how...
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    Stuart Nelson's Drop Kicks

    In the second half of Tuesday nights game, the ball went out for a throw in right in front of me, as Andy Frampton came to take the throw in the linesman told Andy to "have a word with your keeper he stepping out of the area with his kicks" so the eagle eyed linesman had noticed it but had given...
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