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    Mansfield Updates

    todays line up Julian, Dobson, Somner, Sonko, Marshall, Fullarton, Evans, O'Connor, McCammon, Vine, Hunt. Subs: Marchena, Williams, Tabb, Hughes and Smith (J). no Smith or Rowlands
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    Swindon v Bees Updates

    todays line up Julian, Dobson, Somner, Sonko, Marshall, Evans, Rowlands, Fullarton, Vine, O'Connor, Hunt. whats up with smith
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    todays line up

    Paul Smith Michael Dobson Scott Marshall Ibrahim Sonko Matthew Somner Martin Rowlands Jamie Fullarton Steve Evans Stephen Hunt Kevin O'Connor Rowan Vine Mark McCammon Jay Smith Stephen Hughes...
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    Tonights Line Up

    its the same as sat with new boy Frampton on the bench
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    Bournemouth Away updates (merged threads)

    Bournemouth Away A few changes tonight Marshall Chorley & leon
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    Another item for Auction for Bees Utd

    As a keen Brentford fan most of you will know me as Bob Winstanley who's company sponsor's the Grapevine. I have for Auction a very old Original Brentford Metal Badge. It was given to me many years ago by an old employee of Brentford FC. It is one that I have treasured over the years, but...
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    Rons Message

    Just read Rons message on official site.I find it very positive with some interesting points raised.I must thank Ron for not selling the players and putting promotion first.
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    My match report from Bristol City

    Team: Julian. Boxall Lovett Theobald Gibbs Capt. Hutchinson O'Connor Rowlands McCammon Peters & Charles Subs Bryan Huges Somner Fieldwick First shot on target for the Bees on 7mins. Rowlands to Hutch but keeper collected with ease. On 11 mins Charles shot wide. First corner for bees on 18mins...
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    schizobee should be removed from gpg as soon as possible as he is rude and obnoxious and unless he can conduct himself in a proper manner he should be removed from the board at once i would even question he is a real bees fan
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    i know this should be on the other thread but i think this is to important this is not rumour but fact let the club tell me im wrong in this statement we have signed an agreement with woking to use there ground at the end of next season for a year with an option for seven years this...
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    A plea to Ray & the players

    Please dont let the latest events at GP effect the performance on the field. We are playing some of the best football i'v seen at GP for a long time.I firmly believe that we will at least get in the playoffs and then who knows what might happen.A chance of promotion to div 1 should we get...
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    whats on teamtalk

    have you seen teamtalk well Bristol City might have a good chance of the game geting replayed it turns out we had 12 players on the pitch last night as we had saroya playing for us did anyone else see him because i didnt
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    party at end of season

    iv had a couple of you asking me about a party at the end of season at one of the hotel's nr brentford if there is enough of us then i will try and get someting sorted out but before i do this i need to know who would like to come perhaps we could get some of the players as well and give out our...
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    whats the latest on gibbo's injury

    does any one know what gibbo's injury is as he was stretchered again today. Lets hope its not to bad and we see him back soon
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    Children in need

    Bees fan Bob Winstanley is planning a Sponsored Slience at the Rotherham Home match. Bob will be silent from Kick off through to the Final wistle.(Inc's half time) Anybody who knows Bob will no he's a right chatter box & this will be a tall order.So come on you Bees fans & sponsor Bob it is a...
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    Reading Game

    after just witnessing another poor display can somebody tell me why Ron Nodes does not play Theobald Dobson or lovett who are natural defenders if he thinks these players are not up to the job then why have we got them on our books.
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