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    Evening Standard London 5 a aide 1993...

    Anyone remember this? Who was in our team? The video only shows Benstead and Smillie. Can anyone remember?
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    Guitar for sale...

    Afternoon all, My cousin his selling his guitar on eBay. It's a Gibson ES295. That means nothing to me but apparently it's very good. It's in very good condition and he's reluctantly selling it. Here's the link and a picture if anyone's interested...
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    QPhahaha and their knowledge of the UK...

    I have a friend that works in the ticket office at Barnsley and she has just told me that our neighbours up the road sent Barnsley's tickets to Burnley instead! lol What made it even more hilarious is the address on the envelope said Barnsley FC, Oakwell Stadium, Burnley! Oh dear rofl
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    Terry Butcher Gone; Andy Scott caretaker manager

    By Mutual Consent, Andy Scott in temporary charge.
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    Chronicle Today

    In todays Chronicle, there is the squad photo. Has anybody seen it? Could you tell me who the bloke is standing between Calum Willock & Alex Rhodes? It doesn't say in the paper so it looks like The Chronicle don't know either!!!
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    Isaiah Rankin to Grimsby Town

    Signed for Grimsby Town today on a 2 year contract.
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    England v Paraguay

    Does anybody know what shirt we will be wearing today?
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    Training Ground Today

    I took my 3 month old son to the training ground today. Every single member of the 1st team squad was more than happy to have their picture taken with him!! What a great bunch we have down there!!!
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