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    Getting NOW TV on Laptop for Play-Off Viewing

    I saw on NOW TV site that it can be watched on Smart TV or Mac. My TV isn't smart and I have Windows laptop; I also have a work tablet on which I can access internet (but not load Apps) How might NOW TV be accessed (I know I'd need to buy a pass)? I'm assuming no legal streaming
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    FLW; deliberately perverse choices?

    Looked at the Football League World article for which there was a link on GPG home page. Gave a choice of 4 from whom to pick our best CBs of millennium. The short list was Dean, Barbet, Craig and Turner. All decent players, but would anyone seriously choose some of them ahead of Mepham...
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    Any free-to-air legal streaming of Barnet game?

    Not sure I can make it to a pub to watch the game. Is there a (legal) free-to-air streaming of the game? Or what is cheapest way to get one-off access to BT Sport to watch it? Thanks
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    Marketing 'premier membership'

    Just had a call from Marketing at BFC, telling me about Lionel Rd (fair enough) and trying to promote premier membership (I think that was what it was called) for which the 1,500 best seats and facilities are to be set aside. He "wasn't trying to sell me anything" lol, but tried a hard-ish...
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    2015-16 Season Tickets

    Though I can understand the reasoning behind it, it's disappointing for those of us nearing 60 that the club has decided to change the age for getting a senior discount on STs from 60 to 65. It's not clear what the position is for those currently aged 60-62 who have had reduced prices for a...
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    Team vs Hartlepool - pointers on AS decisions?

    Our choices will obviously be limited, but selections AS makes tomorrow might point towards his thinking for retention and next season. On the assumption that Dickson, Balkestein and Cort are unavailable, but all others OK, I'd go for Szczesny Foster Legge Osborne Blake Saunders Kev...
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    Not turning the other cheek?

    Amused when watching the Brighton v Yeovil highlights to see the Yeovil keeper sent off for a reckless dangerous tackle on a Brighton forward, then strip off his shirt to show him wearing a "I belong to Jesus" T-shirt underneath... obviously not getting the message of peace!
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    Team for the play-offs

    If we were to reach the play-offs, let's just hope that we have no injuries or suspensions. If all are fit, we could have Hamer Sankofa Osborne Heywood Dickson Shakes Smith O'Connor Poole Elder Connell Subs: Brown, Pead, Mousinho, Ide, Montague (Charles also available), ie our current first...
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    England cricket one day and 20/20 squad

    Can't see a thread on this, so here goes. Squad just announced Capt: Collingwood Bat: Cook, Bell, Pietersen, Trott, Shah A-R: Yardy, Mascarenhas WK: Prior Bowl: Panesar, Anderson, Plunkett, Broad, Sidebottom I'd imagine that we would leave out Trott or Shah, one all-rounder and one of the...
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    The League Paper

    Did anyone see a copy of the League Paper yesterday or has it gone under? I noticed that the Non-League Paper was back as a stand-alone, but didn't see any league equivalent. The price had gone up the previous week, and I wonder if they priced themselves out of the market. I thought I had...
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    Crewe Alex Attendance

    Wait to see next week's crowd to see how much is down to poor form/Leroy and how much to it being cup [Forest only got 7k yesterday]. I think we'd have got another 1,000 if in better form - no proof of course - and if fans continue to vote with their feet, the lost revenue may outweigh Leroy's...
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    Lulu is elected Nigeria FA boss

    The headline on BBC News site got me interested enough to read the story, but it sadly doesn't live up to the headline... it's some guy whose family name happens to be Lulu that's got the job. So at least we won't have to take on Cilla Black to keep up with them - though she'd probably have...
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    I wouldn't know how we got to 3rd...

    ... if I took note of everything on here. The bitterness at departures etc has left the impression that Allen was an over-rated ineffective manager, Sodje a big-head who did nothing after Jan, Pratley a waste of space to whom Swansea are welcome, Owusu a useless drain on resources, Nelson...
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    £1 million benefit from promotion

    I note the comment from yesterday's board meeting about promotion being worth an extra £1m or more Was that net or gross, ie before higher wage bill, police costs etc? If it's gross it would probably be wiped out by wages - average wage up by £1k per week perhaps (to attract new players not...
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    Longest gap between goals?

    Did Marcus last night create a record for the longest gap between 2 goals for the Bees? I'm guessing it was around 1994 when he left us, so depending when he got his last goal back then, it must be somewhere around the 12 year mark
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    Scoring away from home

    10 goals in our last 3 away games! Not sure I can remember such a good run of goal scoring. Can anyone else remember us getting more than 10 in 3 successive away games?
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    Stockport shots on target

    Looking at the match stats on the official site, they show us only having 2 shots on target in Saturday's game. We scored 3 goals, Campbell's followed an attempt from Owusu being saved, and there is a mention of another goal-bound shot being blocked. How does that only come to 2? [or is it...
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    Southend appeal against Eastwood's card

    Very amused to hear today that Southend are annoyed because the FA have added an extra game to Eastwood's 3 match ban because of a "frivolous appeal" He was sent off for twice shoving an opponent in the chest: not too violent but an obvious red card in the current climate. I think even his own...
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    Football First

    Does anyone know if the Football First paper still comes out on Sundays? Towards the end of last season it was hard to find a copy, for obvious reasons I wasn't looking in the close season, and yesterday I couldn't see one around either. It had many faults, but still had the best coverage of...
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    O'Connor's absence?

    Don't think I have seen any explanation of Kev's absence last night - was he injured? I know he had a poor game in Sheffield, but it would still have been a brave decision to leave him out and play makeshift right-backs. On a different subject (can't be bothered to open 2 threads) was our...
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