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    Forster made permanent manager,,10421~2305551,00.html
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    How good is our squad?

    When Andy Scott signed many players over the summer, in almost every case there was universal agreement that they would improve us and indeed propel us to the play-offs. A good example is Dave. Whilst AS should undoubtedly shoulder the majority of the responsibility for team recruitment...
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    I have only just realised I dont see other peoples signatures. Any way of changing this please?
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    Italian Bees Fan F365

    Reading through the Football365 website mailbox, and there is a Brentford fan in there! :) Anyone on here? Mailbox
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    Chairman of Torquay bans diving Better than nothing! :) Would you support a similar system at Brentford? I hate it when players dive, I would like retrospective bans for the cheats.
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    FIFA Suspend Greece

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    Most disappointing player

    Which English player was the biggest let down in the world cup? For me, Fat Frank Lampard has been shown up as one of the most overrated footballers in the world. No pace, can't beat a man, rarely delivered a killer ball, rubbish at heading. At least for Chelsea he scored some of his long range...
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    Comfortably beat Sweden 2-0, could have been double figures. They are starting to look very useful, particularly going forward. Typical bloody Germans, in disarray before the tournament and not a hope in hell, to winning every game. Michael Ballack is also a cock. My point in a nutshell... Im...
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    FA Cup Final

    Fairly boring first 20 mins and then suddenly two Liverpool errors and its 2-0 West Ham! One of the better finals in recent years! A quality finish from Cisse too, fantastic technique to pull off that volley. Come on you Hammers!
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    What with Ricky Newman now Brentford's most hated man, and MA refusing to drop him, got me thinking why some managers seem blinkered with certain players/ego's. Any players you remember being 'undroppable' for no apparent reason, despite unbearable performances on the pitch?
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    Man U shirt deal

    Worth a whopping £56 million pounds! :eek: How much is our deal with St. Georges worth? And when does it expire? Has Park Ji Sung been picked for this photo because of the Far East marketing opportunities, or his charming smile? Park
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    Have we had our 'blip'?

    Just been thinking, after our win over Barnsley, how many teams have had incredible runs and looked like dead certs for promotion, only for their form to falter. Huddersfield, Swansea, Colchester, Southend, Barnsley, now even Oldham have all a string of games where they have been on fire. Do...
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    Manchester Derby

    Half time: City 2 - 0 United! rofl :D Nice to see a lot of British players in the city line up as well.
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    Bristol City Match Reports

    The first half was fairly even, with chances few and far between. After 17 mins we got free kick from a referee who was consistently shocking, which was not properly cleared allowing Sodje to expertly hook in from around 8 yards out. We looked solid without looking particularly dangerous...
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    Scotty Partridge Good to see he's still got the magic :sorted:
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    Rooney - awesome

    £27 million looking like a bit of a bargain after tonight! Hat-trick to start off United career, and in Europe, not a bad start! Pleasure to watch him, just a shame its for Man U
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    Adam Proudlock

    Transfer listed by Wednesday, could be a useful addition (if free). Young and big, has experience from time at Wolves. Any opinions?
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    I got this PM from dobbo2 in response to a post about my feelings on the players poor performances and how they cried. What are the chances of it being the real dobbo?!! [private message contents removed. Please make sure you have the permission of the sender before publishing Private...
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    An example

    Within the past month, Kit Symons at Crystal Palace has shown that with no previous managerial experience, money to spend, or a particularly useful squad, it is possible to put together a couple of decent results. He is younger than Wally, hadnt had a week let alone a season in the job before...
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    Jason Price

    It seems that Hull are interested in Pricey! Surely we could compete - different division and he has already been here. Only possible problem is the wages. But, to be honest, id rather we got him and got rid of fullarton. Finally we could have a bit of much needed width and pace down the...
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