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    FA Cup R3 (Port Vale (A)) - Sat 8th Jan 3pm (Extra Time Then Pens)

    Finished work at 7am, walked to Bristol Parkway station for the 7.44 via Birmingham. In the Coachmakers by the bus station now (tiny pub) following the Liquor Vaults, Staff of Life & Wheatsheaf over the canal from the train station. Now been awake for 20 hours so if you notice someone asleep in...
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    FA Cup R3 (Port Vale (A)) - Sat 8th Jan 3pm (Extra Time Then Pens)

    Covid permitting etc, the Classic Rock Show are at the Victoria Hall on Saturday night after the game. Best cover group ever.
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    Tickets Southampton (A)

    Birthday today. No cards but Southampton ticket. On balance quite happy..
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    Boxing Day fixture v Brighton

    I don't drive so got the wife to agree to Christmas in Brighton. She was willing to either come to the game (last game Swansea league cup 1982?) or find somewhere to go for a couple of hours but not at 8pm. Having seen the hotel prices slightly relieved. TV
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    Travel Burnley (A) Train Travel

    Only £115 return from Trowbridge! Tried Trainsplit £137? Can live without food for a week
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    Wolves (A) Sat 18th Sept 12:30

    Just done that!
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    Wolves (A) Sat 18th Sept 12:30

    Barons Court Hotel booked. 2 nights £70. Long weekend in Wolverhampton. Can't wait. 🤔
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    Champagne Moment - Aston Villa v Brentford

    Think that was Nightwish. Scandinavian group that has a Villa supporting guitarist
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    The Odious Martin Samuel

    Just reading a Mail left in the pub. He wrote the match report yesterday. He doesn't hate us!
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    Getting our season tickets before the Leeds game

    As a Royal Mail worker, BFC may well have sent them all out on Friday but they still have to be processed at the Sorting Office. First Class or not an extra 10,000 letters/small parcels (not got mine so not sure which) ain't gonna be sorted for next day delivery.
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    Man Utd(A): How to Watch on TV

    On, which seems to be in front of the totally legal feed (ahem) on the telly in the pub.
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    SIGNED Daniel Oyegoke (Arsenal RB -B Team)

    Oh Oyegoke Oh Oyegoke Oh Oyegoke Bees up Fulham down F##k the Ra Rahs
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    GPG Running Costs - How You Can Help

    Due to age / work circumstances can keep my donations to Bees United or switch to the GPG. Or split it 50/50? Not talking a lot of money mind!
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    WBA 2 Brentford 2 Marcondes, Forss (p) Bees win 5-4 on penalties

    We seem to have been replaced by Watford
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    FT: Birmingham 1- 0 Bees

    Now showing the Bees
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    FT: Birmingham 1- 0 Bees

    On Hesgoal
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    2020-21 Season Ticket Sales - Progress Updates

    Very impressed. Bit delayed due to a no-show. But had the talk,the film bought the ticket in about 20 minutes. W235 row 22. Sorted!
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    Pre-season 2019 (incl. Training Camp)

    Got here last night.. I may have mentioned the war once but I think I got away with it
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